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  1. Sun is a communist rag. No for the true message.....get your decoder rings out. Trump dog silly red clear true zoo rat him. Ok guys decode that and as always....be ready.
  2. This whole election has been a farce. It all needs to be declared null and void and a new election held. One with tighter controls and more monitoring.
  3. Megatron, if you must resort to name calling you've already lost the discussion. So he's lost Wisconsin, it's a start.
  4. What we the people need to do is demand a second election. Monitors will be posted at all polling stations to help prevent fraud. The monitors will also count the number of voters to make sure that the numbers are right. Don't know how to go about making this happen but I think it's what needs to be done.
  5. Hope you're right Let freedom ring. I'm disappointed, I was hoping for a Trump blow out.
  6. It's not missing.... You can bet your ass they know exactly where it is.
  7. Just got home from the range. They're all tuned up and ready to rock. I don't think they'll be protestors here in my small town. Early voting has been going on for over a week and nothing thus far. This is TRUMP COUNTRY!!!
  8. So attacks against Christians is under way in France. We need to be ready for the same thing here in the U.S. My prayers go out to the wounded priest. My 9mm stands ready to defend freedom.
  9. Nothing is ever going to come of this. It'll be stone walled until forgotten.
  10. How about there will be two U.S.A.'s One will be the Conservative States of America and the other will be for the liberals. In the conservative states gun ownership will be required. The police are respected. Everyone stands for the national anthem. Our borders are well regulated and becoming a citizen is open to everyone, it's also required. In the liberal states.... well they're....liberals.

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