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  1. Activated you on A41

  2. I understand. Know you are always welcome to if things change.
  3. We'll be in touch. Check back here and we'll set something up with you.
  4. Yes, it was here in CO. That's all I will divulge. I don't wish to"out" him like that because with the current political climate, I fear it could get him...relieved. But what I said is 100% true. He is a true patriot.
  5. Well I can tell you all, that our meeting had an active duty sheriff in attendance. And as far as he, and his men are concerned, they will fight for the Constitution. He said to us, that if an order came down to disarm the public from up on high, his only action would be to knock on doors and tell you that "you've been ordered to give up your guns... have a nice day." And walk away. Because he will not order his men to do anything unconstitutional. The reason no one wants to meet, I believe, is the fear that joining a "Militia" is unconstitutional, and doing so would have them labeled as terrorists. That if they meet, they will be met with FBI agents at their homes. And with that fear, they think "why invite a fight directly to my door, when I can watch it from a safe distance and never need to get involved."
  6. We're located in Greeley. HR is a bit of a drive, but we'd still love to have ya.
  7. Affirmative action is making sure there enough mix of races doing certain jobs, or in certain positions, even if they don't qualify. Another tool the Democrat left has, to put people they can control where they want them.
  8. Yes, Skillet I understand. Where did all those bottle necks come from? Not the buyers, and not the suppliers. Think about the root cause here. This is planned out, and govt sanctioned. This is what they want, to make a fellow Patriot like you think, this isn't a "move". I have never, ever heard of an ammo shortage in 'Merica. That'd be like America running out of bacon. I love buyin em and shootin em, and they love makin em and sellin em. Its a beautiful thing. Has been my whole life. Why right now? Why right before the most controversial election in modern history is there an ammo shortage? This, and, the social media nuking; restrict ammo and communications... sure sounds like something I would do to defeat an enemy. Or at least something I would do right before I make my move to weaken them. *food for thought* Why do you think we went after caches in Iraq? To weaken them, and make it more difficult to supply their own guys.
  9. Men started to learn not to be around worthless women. Thats where they went, away from you.
  10. There is an ammo shortage all over the US. Why? No one "really" knows. But you do though. Just like you know which one of your dogs chewed up the wife's left flip flop. They have begun their assault. Its just not direct enough for us to do anything about it. Cause it could've been the other dog, right?
  11. You can't push our govt to regulate these outlets. Because they are privately owned, by someone that has first amendment rights. I don't like it, the words taste like crap, but its true.
  12. I was shadow blocked on YouTube a few years back. You can say what you want on there, its just if they don't agree with it, it will never be seen.
  13. I met with Rollcenter and C.junior2012 labor day weekend. Had a pretty good turn out. We would like to see some more great people in the near future. The more folks we can meet with, the more likely we can get this militia machine rolling. If you are in noco, and want to actually meet, we will set up another time to do so. Ideally we would like to have enough people to have a big BBQ meet and greet. But this time if we set up a date for it, we will NEED rsvp's. If you are interested just quote me and reply. I will pass on info to the others and we'll get it set up.

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