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  1. Look at him go! That pen will never even get cold, and were all gonna let him ruin our country. Hope you don't mind having shit shoveled down your throat.
  2. Where did you find all this; in a bag laying outside of the Supreme Court window? Cause that's where they threw it. Take your lawyer hat off ,diamond. Grab the other one.... You know... the dusty one.
  3. And if were lucky, we'll have a Democrat judge to hear the case and totally do what's right. I'm sure of it. This does not sound like a waste of time and money.
  4. Another leftist plant im sure. Wait yet another 30 days. Let your guard down and let Q handle it. Bullshit. All this tells me is that the lefts plans are 30 days behind and they just need a bit more time to have the totalitarian regime fully solidified in place.
  5. I should steal this video and make a new topic with it. "List of things democrats plan to immediately undo"
  6. Well, he is a Patriot. But I honestly feel he would do more good being a polar opposite of Soros. Fund the Patriot Army. Pay a force of good, to do some real good where it'll count.
  7. I'm officially a non-believer of Q-Anon. If the arrests aren't happening right now, then they never will. And that's all the further thought I'm willing to give it. I have been allowing too many thoughts of hope to live in my head, rent free. It stops today. I'm going to be putting my thought toward things that will actually get results.
  8. My boss was watching it on his phone and showed me bits and pieces of it. We both, unfortunately, think it looks real. As in live, not prerecorded, not cgi, not props. Not any of that hopeium bs. Is the whole Q-anon thing bs too? Where are the prophecies? Where are the arrests? Why was the navy on the west coast? Or were they? Why have I heard a few jets flying today? (Because I normally don't) It kinda feels like we've been had. Have we? Is there really a Satan worshiping, child rapist, murdering, pedophile sitting in the oval office? It sure seems like it from what "I" can see. Where are the

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    2. wemustfight


      this is the only social media i use, got off FB a long time ago, sorry

    3. wemustfight


       But its still let me watch it, Jim is a GREAT guy now many left

    4. wemustfight


      Very good viedo, I had not seen that one Alex jones did cover that, they want Harris in bad

  10. it would be my suggestion to this site admin to set up a main militia for each state, then the area codes form that state unify but have one souce of communication, similar to military structure, company, squad, fireteam,,, how the hell do we get the administration of this site to set it up that way

  11. I completely agree. it is fine to have all these small groups but there needs to be one large group per state so all the small groups have one source of intel,,, how do mwe get to the administration of this site to get it done, join by state then organize by area code,,, any suggestions, i am computer stupid but it is my belief we need to organize this effort and do it very quickly

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