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  1. I would like information of any true organizational efforts in Western NC. I'm in the Hickory, NC area.

  2. Hi Matt. I have been waiting to hear of an Organizational Target. Have you managed to get any contact about moving in that direction?
  3. https://t.co/2f5GBnS3Rq

  4. https://t.co/cSGAipkRsv via @theblaze

    1. Jeff brotherton

      Jeff brotherton

      Hi, I’m in Newton. Looking for a group to join. 

  5. Is Twitter going to follow suit with F/B? Radical Libs do as they please, even burn & loot. But Conservatives are s… https://t.co/kA6BU1RFoU

  6. @chesspagan @newtgingrich You're not getting your information from an authentic source. In fact, there were 200% mo… https://t.co/HSadDmKj4H

  7. I'm in the Hickory area. I would like to organize a meeting with all those interested. Maybe Linconton or Statesville would be good.
  8. Hello Members, It's good to see like minded North Carolinians. I live in the Hickory area. As like minded members, we should get to know one another, & organize our group. It would be great to setup a line of communication, & organize a system of gathering necessary, strategic information. The wolf is howling at the door, & support of Leadership that protects the US Constitution is an imperative. We cannot allow the Socialist mentality to destroy our Nation. Have a great day.
  9. Hi Matt, I too live in the Hickory area. I do think we should find a Central location for all the members of 828, & conduct (at least) quarterly meetings, & organize an information gathering structure, network on valued supply chains, & get to know the members of the group. These are very uncertain times. Have a great day. american-flag-2144392__340.webp
  10. I solemnly swear to uphold & defend the Constitution of the United States of America, against all enemies, Foreign & Domestic.
  11. I am a 61 year old man, & I'm interested in being part of the solution, to protect the integrity of the US Constitution. I wanted to serve in the US Army, but my Spine was was broken in 1973, in a rear end collision. I never really knew much about Militias, but recently started researching, & realized it may be an opportunity to serve my Country & protect our Constitution. I am drug free, not an alcoholic, posses a CCWP, & believe in God, Family, American Liberty & Freedom. I want to help preserve our Freedoms & Liberties for my Grandchildren.
  12. @realDonaldTrump Ehank you @realDonaldTrump

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