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  1. I haven't had a chance to digest all of the responses, but anyone making a decision to cross state lines armed should familiarize with concealed and open carry reciprocity laws, and FOPA.
  2. The link to join the NJ Militia is getting blocked by my phone as a malicious link. Is that the correct address?
  3. And this is why I am here. NJ is the worst. We had our hopes pinned on eventually being heard by SCOTUS. I've missed a lot of calls to action by swearing off getting involved with social media. Now that I have caught up on our boots on the ground efforts of various NJ organizations such as CNJFO, ANJRPC, I realize that all their good work was for naught. Even 4 years into a supposedly pro 2a President we are still living in a Nanny State. I had to destroy and/or turn in thousands of dollars worth of my private property including a sentimental M1 Carbine that my grandfather owned. You can have an M1 Garand in NJ. But not the carbine. For no good reason. All of my 15 round magazines, destroyed or turned in. I could not pin them, because they were already pinned from being 17 or 30 round magazine. I'm a 54 year old woman. Widowed once and then divorced. Apparently being in possession of these things made me a felon in NJ. The hope of a concealed carry is not even there. I don't care if the FBI is here. Watch away. While you're all protected with your own guns that you are allowed to carry to protect you and your family 24/7. Governor Murphy, screw you. Celebrating your "victory" yesterday while surrounded by your own armed personnel. Oathkeeprs, you are all not. Eat a bag of you know what, sir. Signed, Pushed over the edge in NJ
  4. Hello from Hohokus NJ. Looking to get involved and chat with like minded people. I've turned in magazines with each NJ gun grabbing mag capacity ban. Ive turned in my grandfather's M1 carbine same reason. I'm done turning stuff in. And now today our 3 major cases were turned down by SCOTUS. I'm a patriot not a felon! With everything going on I have a feeling we will be on our own soon anyway.
  5. Are there any active clubs in NJ? I'm in Hohokus but this is the only NJ area code where I found a club.
  6. Hello all my name is Felicia and I live in lovely Bergen County NJ, behing enemy lines in The Peoples Republic Of New Germany. Anyone from NJ knows why I call it that. After a long swear off of social media I realized I had to join to keep my finger on the pulse. The biggest event that made me realize that would by when I didn't get the memo that magazine capacities were reduced from 15 to 10 until about 6 months after the fact. Nice when a widowed mom in her 50s become an instant felon for no reason, and without knowing it. Right? I'm through turning things in due to laws made behind closed doors by kangaroo courts. I'm looking to join the fight. I'm a Glock girl, Stag for ARs, and Mossberg all the way for the scatter gun. Nice to meet all of you!
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