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  1. I know this is a relatively old thread but I think you’d be better off checking your state and local laws concerning the situation you’re inquiring about. That and check federal precedence or court rulings on the matter at hand. You’ll be able to form a better idea as to how it’ll go down should you find yourself in that situation.
  2. While I agree that the media has made the term "militia" into something nefarious, the word is a part of the Second Amendment so it is up to people like us to inform the public that it's not a bad word, but a good idea.

    1. Michael Tarver III

      Michael Tarver III

      "How strangely will the Tools of a Tyrant pervert the plain Meaning of Words!"

      -Samuel Adams


      "Militia is not a dirty word. It is a concept worthy of respect. It is a synonym for the People. The Militia is not a gang. It is the core essence of the ultimate repository of the sovereignty of the American citizenry. If necessary, the Militia will marshall and deal with governments' goons, errant persecutors, public servants, and perfumed princes and princesses. That, for better or worse, is the life of the law. That is reality."

      — Peter J. Mancus, Attorney at Law (California), 15 July 2004

  3. B-Tactical, in Caddo Mills on I-30, has a great set of ranges. They’re SpecOps family owned & operated and they offer classes to civilian and LE alike. They don’t care what type of ammo you use as long as it’s not tracer or incendiary. You can rapid fire as long as you’re hitting your target. Check ‘em out.
  4. Mr Voss, I, for one, am glad that you do what you do. I used to live near Sulphur Springs and went to one of your FTXs in East Texas. I met several likeminded people and I’m still friends with Eric R. For someone who had nowhere to go within my own county, I was glad to have the opportunity to attend yours. I have traveled as far as Spring Texas to attend an FTX and will likely do it again in the future. Training is training and accessibility isn’t always a factor. It does good for the spirit to be surrounded by folks that don’t tear you down.
  5. Concerned Citizens for Change ——————— Concerned Citizens for Constitutional Enforcement ——————— Citizens for Accountability in Government ——————— We The People for Constitutional Enforcement in Government or just We The People just some ideas
  6. Also, it might help lessen the stigma of the the word ‘Militia’ and make the idea more palpable if you were to tweak the wording a bit by changing it from Militia to ‘Constitutional Citizens Meeting for Action’. That’s just an example, of course but do you get what I’m saying? Most folks hear the ‘M’ word and automatically jump to conclusions but folks like you and I know the importance of it.
  7. It might be a good idea to get a burner phone and use that number to give out until prospects have been thoroughly vetted. I wouldn’t want random people having my personal number because of obvious potential repercussions or fall-out from those portraying themselves as interested parties. Trust But Verify Have you considered fliers? You could canvas neighborhoods in your AO. Beats sitting in the sun and waiting for someone to stop or to get arrested.
  8. I have both and each are good rifles in their own respect. I do believe that some of it is the ammo but they’ve both got their limits, depending on the setup, how they’re built and used. A lot of it, too, is operator skills and how well you know your rifle. (I’m no professional, that’s just my 2c) ”Beware the man who only has one gun. He probably knows how to use it!” -Clint Smith
  9. I was banned completely, last week. So, FB is out of the question. I’ve tried for years to get a fire team off the ground but folks are so flakey out here. Even my pastor tried to get a shooting group going through the church and though people voiced their approval, no one ever showed up. I don’t get it. I think the majority of people are in la la land, have their heads up their collective asses and in denial that ‘it could ever happen here’.
  10. I believe the same but I am adamantly against anything pushed by Gates or anyone else. I don’t wanna get too far into tinfoil hat territory but I do find it to be more than coincidence that SIDS and autism has been on the rise since the number of vaccines has increased. I’m not completely anti-vax but I’m vehemently pro-choice.
  11. I do what I want but I exercise discretion. I mean, I need to eat and if a grocery store demands that I wear a mask, I’ll do it but I’ll attempt to enter without one first.
  12. There’s one today at a dude’s house at 3p. He lives in Royse City, approx 10min from me. It’s been a pre-planned event for a few weeks. I can’t remember his name but I have his address stored in my maps. I’d been in contact with him before I was banned from FB but have no other way of contacting him. If you have Facebook, you can join the Texas Three Percenters Group and then join the Texas Three Percenters, Zone 6 I believe. That’ll put you in the position to look at events. It’s a pot-luck thing and people are bringing stuff to eat or drink.
  13. It’s hard to get folks out of their comfort zone and even harder to convince them that their hunting skills alone will get them through this. A single stick can easily be broken but a bunch is difficult.
  14. I’m in the 972 (East) & I’m gonna be going to a meet & greet later with the local 3% to see what they’re about but as always, if they start talking ‘crazy talk’ I’ll be off like a dirty shirt. As far as scarcity of food, if y’all don’t have any dehydrators, Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers and/or a FoodSaver vacuum sealer and a pressure canner... now would be a good time to get that stuff. I’ve been putting back for months. It’s not that hard to get started.
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