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  1. We are still looking to grow our ranks. We have met a couple of times, handed out our operations manuals, picked out the uniform we are planning to use, and even have helped for a sister unit in another county in this great state. We are looking to begin training and FTX's (field Training exercises) in the very near future. We will do mostly book work and drills during the winter months. I am hoping to have another get together very soon where we will fully form our command unit. Although this is all great news and the wheels are in motion. We are in need of fellow like minded patriots in the
  2. Yesterday a few of us on here met up to get to know one another, and to discuss our shared goals within the functions of a militia. It was very wonderful to meet other patriots who feel and think the same as I do, who see the dangers glaring us in the face, and who also feel compelled to train and prepare for defense of our community and nation. We personally hope to see more of you at the next meetup we schedule, which should be not to far from now. If you would like more information in regards to our next meetup please DM me and I will happily have materials and information for you at the r
  3. A few of us have setup a meetup this Saturday 110620 at 1900 hours. We will greet one another, have a little bit of get to know your unit time, then we will review the handbook which is being provided. If you would like to attend this meetup please reply to this post and I will reach out to you directly. We would love to have as many of you attend as possible. This will be in an open and public place, we aren't hiding in the shadows, with that being said however, we aren't showing up in battle gear and broadcasting who we are. It is simply the first of many meetups to get ourselves established
  4. Yes that is the exact booklet I was interested in using. I think it is very complete and straight forward. I am currently looking into renting us a small meeting room downtown. I hope to get at least 6 people to attend so we can discuss the direction to move with this. If we can lock in about 6 people then I will get a date and time set (covid stuff pending of course), and reach out with you all. We could even do something like a dinner as well. That way maybe we could have a fun chat and pass around the binder. I will have binders for all who wish to attend. Let's get the word out on here a
  5. Ok all I am having a hard time figuring an adequate meetup location. I don’t want a bar, cause well it’s a bar. And a gun range might be a bit much for our first meetup. I am game for a place we can all meet and sit and talk. I will be bringing along a few binders (one for all who will be attending) for all to review. It is a really great concept I find myself loving the structure with it. It is called light foot militia. If we banded we would no longer be the 402, we would be the 1st BN lightfoot militia unit. More info to come soon. Any suggestions for locations? Please you help would be mos
  6. Hang tight on that brother. Let’s have our meetup, and if we decide to go light foot militia they have a national emblem. Talk soon.
  7. UPDATE***** I wanted to be clear I notice our logo with this page. However that design may or may not be something that could be pretty costly to produce. If that is what we would go with, cool. I am honestly more concerned with making sure we use local business over anything. Thanks again for your time.
  8. I have been looking into a unit patch for the group as a whole. I have found a few decent sites that offer reasonable prices. I however would prefer to find and use a local business for this. We are labeled as the 402 Militia. I ask our leadership is this our full title? And if so can we move ahead with a unit patch? If yes to both, we are in need of artistic design. I think we should have maybe a state shaped patch with a rocker or two. Anyone know of anyone who might want to design a patch? And would anyone be interested in helping with the design of our unit identification? Stay vigilant an
  9. I am currently putting together a few prospective places to propose to the group for a meetup. I firmly believe if we are to organize, train, and be a benefit for our communities. Then we must gather and grow as a unit. I will post a video here I really like, the information pretty much hits many of my hot button items as far as the militia is to go. Of you are interested in joining up and you haven’t already, please send me a direct message and we can better ensure you do not miss out on your desire to serve. We are looking for Nebraska residents only due to differing laws in regards to firea
  10. Good evening all, I know it is late, but I found this video that I think we should all watch. It is a good formula for success. If we can find strong leadership and implement many of these ideas, we will have cohesion and success. Great video in my opinion. Rest well patriots, more info coming soon. Hooah! Spec. Wilson https://youtu.be/qf-UDoB3pIg
  11. You got it. Waterloo isn’t to far from Omaha. I will propose this city as a prospective meetup spot. Want to make sure we can find a happy medium for the first meetup. I look forward to shaking your hand Ranger, as a fellow patriot. I salute your service and dedication to your country. Sleep well brother.
  12. Ok everyone, I think we should get those of us who wish to form together. I am going to propose a couple of meeting sites next week with some requests for mutually beneficial time slots. I think the only true way we can activate ourselves as a militia above general, is to just start the process. I hope to see some of you at this meetup. I think possibly even something along the lines of a range. Because what is as fun as meeting new like minded people and squeezing off a couple rounds? Leave me a comment below with any suggestions to take into consideration when I am looking to propose a few l
  13. Send me a message and maybe we can work together to get the whole group in order? Also I am based in Omaha

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