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  1. Thanks TOP! I saw on the map there are a bunch of people registered here up in the Clarksville area, ill try to reach out and see what they are up to.
  2. Good evening everyone! My name is Chris Ray, I'm looking for an organization and this one has some recent traffic on its board. A little about me, prior Navy, currently retiring from Active Army, spent time in XVIII Corps, 82nd, 101st, 8 years with 5th Group, and i am finishing up 4 years as an AIT Instructor (Rigger) up here at Fort Lee. Im headed back to Clarksville at the end of the month. I have plenty to bring to the table as far as knowledge and experience, I have spent a great deal of time in the assistance of training people with little to no soldier skills. I also have a farm where I shoot regularly, where BRM/BPM can be taught. I have no issues with COMPETENT Authority. I am a collaborative leader, having spent the majority of my time training in SUT with infantry/rangers/SF etc. I am not the best at one thing but I'm pretty good at alot of things. I'm hoping to be an asset to this team, and I'm hoping we can make something great out of this.
  3. Retiring from AD Army this fall. Looking for an organization in Clarksville, TN

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