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  1. I'll experiment later on to get this working on my Desktop. I use an el cheapo phone and don't like to leave it on network any more than necessary. So I would rather install the app on my Linux desktop, which might take a minute. I'll figure out the steps to get it running later when I have more time. I'll email you when I get it done, or if I have issues. Thanks.
  2. Yeah, I've been seeing something about this online. It's probably just more soy boy larping threats. But who knows? Those fairies aren't exactly sane: https://en-volve.com/2020/11/24/antifa-terrorists-take-up-arms-and-give-trump-ultimatum-concede-by-sunday-or-we-strike/
  3. Yep. Correct. And yes, we're in trouble here in the formerly semi-free state of Ohio. And the few of us who are willing to resist can't do much with our low numbers. I see more sheeping every day. Compliant, willing slaves way outnumber us. It's sad that people can so easily be controlled by the media and Government. Part of it is out of fear. And part of it is due to conditioning. Well, being in the minority or not, I won't comply with unconstitutional mandates.
  4. Speaking of that, I just got myself another ticket last weekend for going 3 miles over the speed limit. The State boy was waiting right where the speed limit changes from 35 to 55. I guess I must have just started to speed up to the new speed limit a little too soon. He got me. $180 ticket. This is happening everywhere. And the police presence has obviously doubled or tripled. Everyone I know notices it.
  5. Just an fyi. Comrade Emperor Mike Dewine has officially initiated a curfew here in Ohio. From 2200 hours until 0600 hours, the Covid is apparently super dangerous. It must have a watch and be all like "Tis 10 pm! Let us conquer the masses! Arise, brethren!". We have to hide inside during that time frame. If we feel the need to venture out into the wasteland during restricted hours, we could be facing this, according to our local propagandist news agency: "The governor said those violating the curfew could be charged with a second-degree misdemeanor, punishable by up to 90 days in jail and a $7
  6. Ambassador to the UN, huh? On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the most surprised, I'm sitting at a steady negative 50. Imagine the irony though if she had been offered the job as ambassador to Libya, stationed in Benghazi.
  7. You know, it's a strange thing. But I just so happened to be rowboating across a huge lake. And I also happened to have all of the firearms I own with me which are on Joey's ban list. Unfortunately, a wake came along and dumped myself and said firearms into the lake. It's too bad. I happened to be right over the 130 ft deep spot by the spillway. There's no way I'm going to get them back. Darn! Oh well. I still have my frying pan and 9 iron. I guess that'll have to do me. ...sigh...
  8. Thanks for sharing the document link. I've never read it before. Interesting. But yeah man, this tyrannical insanity is everywhere. And it's escalating much faster now than it was even in the beginning. Something else that bothers me, is the fact that these tyrants never mention the fact that the death count continues to plummet. This is a good thing, and should be celebrated. Instead, it isn't mentioned. But they'll sure go on all day with "cases" this and "cases" that. Oh, and you gotta love this: In Ohio, 'probable cases' are counted along with 'confirmed cases'. They make no differentiatio
  9. Emperor Mike Dewine issued a new set of proclamations for us slaves to follow. These include some pretty crappy "rules". And just in time for the Holidays too! I guess the biggest problem I have, is this progressive tightening of his grip over peoples' freedom, all in the name of a supposed deadly virus. Don't get me wrong. I understand taking some precautions to avoid spreading any illness as much as possible. At the same time, there is absolutely no excuse to give up our rights, especially our right to privacy and freedom from Government overreach/surveillance. We are to the point now that t
  10. Cool man. I grew up listening to Paul Harvey. My late father always had his radio broadcasts on whenever we were driving out to our weekly hunting or fishing expeditions. As far as Rush, good guy. Unfortunately, I don't know how much longer the Rushinator will be with us. Cancer has staked it's claim. He's a strong dude though. He'll hold on as long as he can. And yes, I agree. The youth is totally clueless.
  11. This video was actually put together well. One of my family members in ministry sent the link to me. I'm not super "religious". But thought I would share this with you guys. It definitely makes one think about the events of our time.
  12. Here's a pretty good article talking about this: https://thenewamerican.com/antifa-com-still-goes-to-biden-for-president-webpage/
  13. I thought Ohio was bad. But please, anyone wallowing in the tyrannical cesspool of Michigan, don't feel alone. As soon as Dewine sees this, I'm sure Ohio will be right there with you! Isn't living under Tyranny and submitting to the Gestapo (contact tracers) super fun? https://www.metrotimes.com/news-hits/archives/2020/10/30/michigan-restaurants-and-bars-have-to-take-customer-info-for-covid-19-contact-tracing-under-new-order
  14. More details are supposed to be released about this tomorrow. Ohio's Mike Dewine was apparently the target of a plot. It'll be interesting to see what other details the news conference holds. Or at least what the almighty news media wish to divulge to the mind controlled flock. https://www.cleveland.com/open/2020/10/ohio-man-tells-police-of-scheme-to-place-gov-mike-dewine-under-house-arrest.html
  15. Probably right. It likely isn't widespread, even if this person did receive this letter. Otherwise there would be a lot more people sharing similar pictures. I wouldn't put it past the lefties though to be doing something like this.

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