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  1. Beginning Saturday at 11:00, people will be gathering in order to protest the mandates by Governor Dewine. It's being organized by people on social media. I was not sure if I should share a Facebook link here. But it's easy to search. The event is called "End of the line for Mike Dewine". I personally don't know if it will accomplish anything. Especially when the majority of the community seems to be all for the government control. But you never know. I might go if I can get off of work for a while. It's about an hour drive for me. So not too bad. If I do go, I'll try to take some video and throw something together to show everyone via bitchute. There's a rumor circulating that some protestors might assemble in Cedarville too. Dewine's home town. Not sure about that one though. Just thought I would share with you guys.
  2. Exactly. The idea of making these kids wear the mask is, in my opinion, nothing short of child abuse.
  3. Our tyrant governor just generated a new edict here. All children from k-12 will be required to wear masks all day except when having lunch. Yeah right. I can see that going over real good. For one thing, keeping a mask on a young kid's face all day isn't going to be easy. And how many of the little ones are going to come to school with their own custom masks with cartoon characters and video games on them? I can see it now. A couple of second graders are sitting around at recess and one of them wants to trade his Batman mask for his friend's Fortnite one. So they exchange the face muzzles that have been lashed to their faces all morning. Regardless, I agree with what some others have posted. It would be better if you homeschooled.
  4. I think it was the group of doctors. This video was focusing on the woman Doctor. The one from Tanzania, I think it was. But yes, same group. And as far as your follow up comment, I got ya. And I just started reading 1984. It's downright freaky how accurate that book is to what's going on.
  5. I do have a channel on Bitchute. I like it. Although the search feature could use a little work. I heard about the Disqus censorship. Regardless of that, you are right. It is far better than Youtube.
  6. And look at that! I came back here just to watch the video, which complains about censorship. And it too was censored. It's bad enough that doctors are being silenced. Now, if we point out the fact that they are being silenced, we are silenced. Censorship on youtube is terribly out of hand. It has been for some time.
  7. Thanks for the input, man. I am pretty ticked about it still. I have already sent a heated email to the Mayor's office. I might follow up with the police chief too.
  8. I'm in the burbs. And the police officer that got me was inside a small township. So, it was probably a quota. I've heard from one of the county deputies something about this particular small township needing to reach a certain quota, or county would take over the jurisdiction, causing many of the small town police to lose their jobs. That may be true. But the thing that angered me the most, is the thought of a felony taking place right in front of us. They were permitted to do it, while I was given a ridiculously large fine. Meanwhile, the dealer gets away with no questions asked.
  9. Ok, so I feel like ranting. Ignore this if you wish. I would. Anyway, despite that, I just got pulled over a while ago. I was going 39 in a 35. Yes, it is a violation of posted speed limits. And the officer (I am an ultra supporter of police btw) was within the law to issue me a citation for speeding. But while he was sitting in his car radioing dispatch in order to complete my punishment, an obvious drug deal was taking place within feet of my car. I'm not even kidding. It was super obvious. People have become so brazen that they will willingly commit felonies right in front of the police. Of course I pointed it out to him (the officer) after he returned with my $280 ticket. His response was something along the lines of "I'll give someone in task a call if these guys keep coming back here". Seriously. That's all he said. Then left. I got fined $280 for going 4 miles per hour over the speed limit. While a felonious drug deal went down right in front of me. I don't know if I should call the mayor's office, or let it go. What.The.Anus?!?!?
  10. Here we go again. A doctor dared to defy the social media covid gods.
  11. I can't use the teams app here at work. But I have been checking it every night when I get home. I am seeing no conversations or others online when I do. Of course, maybe I am not quite sure what I'm doing. Still, I would think there would be some kind of activity on there. The only thing I see is when I posted a question asking if I am doing it right, and got an answer from you. Other than that, there is nothing on there. Sorry this is so frustrating for you, carriedby6.
  12. Due to our Overlord Tyrant King here in Ohio, we are supposedly required to wear one (even though mandates are not laws). But last night, I went and conducted an experiment at Walmart. The sign outside the store only says "face covering required for entry". It says nothing about requiring one while shopping or being in the store. So, I removed my neck gaiter from my face right after the black shirt security dude let me in. And guess what? No one said anything to me the whole time. It wasn't just me. I saw a lot of people doing the same thing. Sure, we had some stares of fear from some members of the subservient flock. But who cares?
  13. Cool, man. I'll look into it. Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it.
  14. I never thought about the UPS store. I'll look into it. Thanks Skillet. As far as the ammo, I might try that too. Luckily, my local gun store hasn't dried up. Yet.
  15. What are some of the ways in which some of you have made your online buying more secure? I was just thinking about this. I made a purchase recently using a prepaid Visa that I bought with cash a while back. I also have the ship-to address going somewhere other than my actual address. The thing is, they needed my phone number to complete the transaction. The delivery driver might need to get a hold of me. I get it. But this means that the transaction was not secured, despite my efforts. The place I purchased it from now has my phone number on record. I'm not buying anything bad, or trying to hide anything necessarily. It's just that this just got me thinking about security. It's becoming more and more difficult to get certain speciality items in physical stores. But how do we keep others' noses out of our buying habits? Any ideas?

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