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  1. Yep!!!!! You're dead on. I was thinking of the fact that they are doing nothing to stop it. Nice catch!!!! 👍
  2. You're right. Some one/thing that at a level beyond all of them is. However, they are all different tendrils of the same organization working in parallel. And while political leaders may not be obviously giving orders, they are obviously giving approval via inaction.
  3. Who EXACTLY are the Boogaloos? This is hilarious too me because the idea of a Boogaloo was mostly just a joke among many gun owners. Brandon Herrera (The AK Guy) always has fun with the joke. In truth, the Boogaloos are a staw man!
  4. It's a shame to see a break down of civility in this community. Talking shit to each other helps the leftists. I'm increasingly positive that the most abrasive around here are likely sock puppets or crypto-commies.
  5. Of course, and I completely agree. But imagine for a moment that their objectives may be multiple. Not just using division to get in power, but ALSO using division as distraction. The problem with division is VERY REAL, but so are the things we are distracted from. What might those be? 1) Sovereign debt crisis and the resulting collapse of the dollar. 2) Earth changes due to shifting magnetic north and solar minimum. 3) Locust 4) Global famine due in part to all of the above 5) Global conflict (We the US are moving troops and resources to or near the Eurasian Theater) There is an amazing confluence of conditions that are going to make the world pretty crappy for some time. If we here in the states could at least maintain a degree of unity we'll be much strong on the other side.
  6. Rock on! I've always enjoyed reading and listening to Sowell. He and P.J. Buchanan are both great men and amazingly relevant today.
  7. What's the point of this? We are confronted on all sides and you feel it's important to possibly alienate a Patriot over an idea or belief that is his right to have? Most of us don't (or shouldn't) care what you believe in this respect. I know I don't. All we should care about is that we are free and respect others freedom as well. If you are so willing to belittle his choices as a free man, why are you here?
  8. Not trying to be offensive here, but you ARE being a little offensive. In the interest of communication of ideas, can you point to studies that haven't been proven wrong to show the increased risk of chloroquine (regardless of type)? Additionally, the assertion that actual understanding by those that don't have a degree isn't possible is arrogant! The logical conclusion of such arrogance is that a mathematician could argue that 2+2=5 and be considered correct when debating a musician or history major. Wrong is now successfully argued to be right simply because of station or certification! Never mind that many in high places and highly educated lie all the time. Kim Gardner is a great example of this. Funded by Soros, she seems hell bent on challenging the foundations of civil society. And simply because of her station, she now intimates to the ignorant and violent that private property is no longer worthy of protection and the exercising of the 2nd Amendment in that interest is a crime? She and Sorros clearly think this is OK by virtue of her position alone. We'll just ignore history which tells us that what comes after (when these ideas take hold) is normally mass murder. This idea that only those with degree's and titles can be right IS WRONG! It's classism, which is just as bad as racism if not worse. I would hope that since you are here, you are open to being wrong (or not suffering cognitive dissonance) and can discuss things instead of ad hominem chortling.
  9. I'd wager that the anti-white thing goes back to the mid to late 1700's. But that's a whole other rabbit hole.
  10. As a fan of Geopolitics, you said something pretty interesting there.... "Russia and Japan will attack the United States". Now I agree 100% that we are going to see some UN involvement here, but I'd love to know your reasoning for an attack from Russia and Japan.
  11. @ TIMK1975 and @Doug1943 Tim is certainly right to be pissed off! Let's not take that away from him! That said, and too everyone here, what's going on right now is designed to Divide us AND Conquer us. The white AND black guys and gals in power that are allowing this are far more dangerous than the white AND black kids in the streets doing this dumb shit. That's because if they get in power riding on this tidal wave of stupidity, the real pain is going to start! They'll have their hands on the levers of power and begin to legislate away our ability to live!!!! Everybody needs to remember that the most dangerous thing on the planet is "the state". In other words, governments. It's governments that have killed way more people than anything else since 1900! The last century was THE BLOODIEST in history and the bulk of that was caused by various 'isms. One in particular did the most.... Socialism/Communism. Anyone remember the Holodomor? When Stalin starved as many as 7 million people in Ukraine. Why don't they teach that in school? How about The Great Leap Forward which killed upwards of 45 million by itself? And I could go all day with the lists of these kinds of things. But for fun I'll add... And if you need a reminder of how racists these a55holes are, you might be surprised to find they don't even like many white people. From Engels... This is the same Engels that referred to Slavs as "racial trash". So believe me when I say I'm pissed, but it's because we've been made ignorant, brutish, and in-civil, then sold a lie. And our leaders know it because they are complicit in this self destruction. The American Republic IS the right way. And worthy of defense.
  12. Believe me, I understand that. My conclusion is that we are likely well beyond the possibility of a civil conclusion to all of this. But I also believe in the concept of a high ground. Moral or otherwise. And I don't care if they choose to acknowledge it or not!!! Since it's clear that they refuse to engage in civil discourse, why would I cast pearls before swine? BUT, if you hope to garner people to the cause (and based on gun sales, there are plenty of people leaning towards liberty), you might want to bolster their knowledge of just how right they are to defend themselves and this country.
  13. I'm seeing also that they are targeting Andrew Jackson statues. Jackson was the most bad-a55 of all the presidents and by waging war against central banks ensured prosperity for the country for some time.
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