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  1. Very true...we should be training, learning, organizing, discovering our strengths and weakness as individuals and as groups. We should be figuring out who are our natural leaders among us and learning how to take orders from those leaders. We should continue to build our munitions/armouries and supply needs. We do not need to practice marching and displaying our numbers for youtube and the media, we need to practice operating in urban and rural OP Areas...We need to operate as the Greyman, blending in and not being an immediate target but always ready to strike in defense. We all need to
  2. Nine line reports...my wife was a 91B. Not many people know what nineties is. Good name, thank yoi for your service brother.
  3. CTTCAZ...Im a retired Cryptogic Technician Chief in the Navy, nickname in the Navy was AZ it's easier to pronounce than my last name.
  4. Well said...there is no one plan or group of people that will solve this equation...we are dealing with some complex trigonometry here. We need to break this problem down into multiple sub equations that are easier to understand and operate (EMCOM/LOGISTICS/INTEL/RECRUITMENT/TRAINING...etc) need to develope effective Command Control Warfare (C2W) among the militias to operate in an Asymetric enviornment in multiple locations as needed. War fighting is 80% Intel 10% Communications and 10% Combat. We do not need to be the poster child for the advisory showing us as itchy trigger finger conspi
  5. I've seen this first hand overseas, when a void of power vacates it creates a vacuum for the opposite side (Criminals). I pray for those caught in the middle when this happens.
  6. No due process, immediate prosecution, constitutional rights ignored...If I was in law enforcement and worked for a Democratic Mayor who allowes for her city to burn, I would walk too before I found myself in jail for life or worse dead just for going to work. These men and women in blue could get a job working at Amazon and make more money and not worry about not coming home to thier families at the end of the day. Stay turned...we will see this in all major cities with unsupported leadership towards law enforcement.
  7. Just read your most recent reply to the "Ham Operator Needed"...just curious as to who told you that? I'm new to this forum...

    1. no one

      no one

      [email protected]

      I only asked for an explanation of what they were "researching", and yold them that without an explanation I would choose to withdraw my interest. Something just isn't right about it, but can't put my finger on it.

    2. CTTCAZ



  8. I just use iron sights...2 eyes open focus on muscle memory...only time you need a red dot, IMO, is when your are shooting someone running away and have time to steady your aim and focus on the target. Most defensive shots fired are with in 1-5 yards, not really going to need a red dot sight for that, plus it limits your holster options and carry configuration. I've put Truglo TFX sights on my home defense and CCW guns.
  9. I love my 2001 Springfield XD40...can not even tell you how many rounds I've shot and have cycled flawlessly...muscle memory maxed out, I don't even use the sights anymore.
  10. ATI dressed in MAGPUL no makeup...CQB setup
  11. Scanner Radio Pro App is the best I could find for smart phone use.
  12. General Class Operator, Retire Navy CTT Chief. I have loads of experience developing EMCOMM Plans.
  13. 99, Recently retired after 20 years in the Navy as a Cryptologic Chief. I love the United States of America, I swore and oath to defend her when I turned 18 and spent a career fighting for her overseas in the longest war the US had ever been engaged in. We are the strongest, war hardened, free world mitary in the world. Time to stand proud on the worlds stage!! Hundreds of us each month break service for many different reasons but we never forget our oath we gave that comes with no expiration. I have seen many other nations and how thier peoples daily lives are controlled

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