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  1. There is a contingency for that. And anything can be hacked and spied on so does that mean do nothing at all? I think not
  2. If there is only one Patriotic effort you join, subscribe to go to americancontingency.com created by ex Green Beret Mike Glover. They already have a website/portal that the communist tech companies cant take down. What it does is it separates America into 6 regions then it creates a way for patriots to join together locally to form groups for assistance, defense, and other objectives. Just give it a look no matter what else you are doing. Add this to your agenda. Thanks and God Bless
  3. Please everyone go to Mike Green video on youtube. “Get off the bench” and join his nationwide movement. No matter what else you are involved in join his cause also. Mike is former Green Beret and puts out lots of instructional vids. But now he sees our country is at war from the inside out. Thanks 🙏
  4. Just keep reaching out in your area. I have my fingers in a few different groups to see how they pan out. See if they're goals match mine etc. DONT GIVE UP Constitutional Patriots are organizing at breakneck speed all over this country. Smaller units will eventually merge with larger ones. We are in the 12th Hour now is the time to stand. It's painfully obvious some sort of communist control is the agenda. 80% of our politicians country wide are with the agenda we are being taken over from the inside out with multiple insidious foreign entities
  5. So far PATRIOT ACTION NETWORK is looking promising. Forming 3 chapters in every state. Please join them (fascist book group for now, but will transition soon) and watch see if it's your cup of tea if you don't already have a slot. Please we all need to do this. Their short term mission is to stand between trump supporters at rallies as they enter and keep the enemy from harming them. Also help guard small businesses from rioting and looting etc. Need more info PM me im in Florida. I'm not sure where this will go I just know we need to go! NOW. Antifa/BLM already have a ten year head start on us plus billions from Demoncrat politicians, China, Soros where ever they are well funded and organized they are the communist/islamic trojan horse to kill our Republic God Speed God Bless
  6. Im in Florida and have been trying to find an active group that will get together and actually train etc. ACTION. I'm not saying violence but we need to get active and win hearts and minds. stand between the enemy and the innocents! I found a network you may want to look into it is grassroots and organic and growing around this country like wildfire it's called PATRIOT ACTION NETWORK find it on fakebook. need more info PM me. I'm hoping it turns into something huge we need it. God Speed God Bless.
  7. im part of a nationwide group right now...grassroots, organic. Organizing extremely quickly. A couple of main short term operations are to protect supporters at trump rallies and to protect small businesses from being. Burned looted destroyed. Any one interested to see if this will lead to something special go ahead and private message me asap. I will get back to you when i can but im staying very busy. Some groups ive found pretty much have a survivalist prepping plan. To me that is just burying your head in the sand and when our Republic falls they will find you and get you eventually. My opinion
  8. Yeah sorry i run a business plus trying to find a local group so no time to read all this stuff on this site. And i agree w you we need a strong peaceful force to counter the marxist mobs that are trying to reset our country from a Constitutional Republic to what ever their communist vision is. Defense minded...protect the innocent back up military and or police if when they need. Try to change hearts and minds. Most times violence will not be needed. And yes i realize no matter what the media will side w the violent marxist mobs against the true peaceful patriots. We expect this
  9. So to the groups forming that want to stand between trump supporters going into rallies and help keep them safe...and the ones that want to protect businesses from going up in flames from Antifa/BLM riots you say stand down? Because it's not a tyrannical government? What about being an Oathkeeper and protecting the constitution from domestic enemies?
  10. This is sad. Are we headed for a future that guarantees the end of our Constitutional Republic? Freedom is always only a generation away from being history. If there ever was a time to come together and form strong state militias ITS RIGHT NOW.
  11. You sound like an asset for sure Mustan9 will give you our group info soon. Thanks God Bless
  12. thanks bro, i will continue to work, search, make connections. it will come together God Willing
  13. Is there nothing in Florida operational and functioning? With the way things are going I find that hard to believe. I am in the Tampa area Pasco County and have many friends and family looking to join a Florida Militia that is training and meeting and actually forming plans of action etc. Ex military led and trained. NO REDNECK HILLBILLY crap. we are serious. Thanks.
  14. To be honest with the way things have been going. I expected to find established groups. Already having meetings and training together under ex military supervision with a clear precise directive. So my search continues.
  15. District 3 gulf coast florida looking for active training group
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