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  2. New Mexico says, Welcome Aboard**

  3. Greetings, Is there any Southern Arizona people’s looking for available parties? Willing to consider well rounded partnership in Institutions with educated leadership. UnderstandIng and familiarity of the philosophical teachings of Locke, Hobbes, Rousseau and Machiavelli is a must, as they are prerequisites to full and objective comprehension, and contextualization, of the Constitution/essays/acts/laws by our founding fathers. Must not be radicalized. (Left or right) Must by open minded Must be self motivated Must refute all forms of any racial supremacy Must not violently oppose opinions that differ from their own. Regards,
  4. I’m just a regular Joe here but I wanted to take this opportunity to say hello and welcome you to the forums.

    1. Saiga308snipe


      no body here including you are a regular joe your a true GI joe deep down

    2. NocturaMinerva


      Greetings and thank you. 

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