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  1. compare whats listed here for the civil war and what is happening right now
  2. also, at the time, it was called the war of secession not civil war.
  3. is anyone interested in starting a group in 972 area code?
  4. at 8:30 he is calling for local leaders to step up.
  5. A civil war at this point in time would likely be the most chaotic, vicious, and brutal war in history.
  6. If you want an look at how long term these plans are, you might read genesis chapter 3 !
  7. I don’t know if anyone has welcomed you here yet but I just wanted to take this opportunity to do so. Also, I see that you’re a press break operator. In a sense we have something in common besides liberty; I operated a 12’ shear at Bralco metals before being laid off early February. If ever you’d like to have a meet & greet, shoot me a message. Have you been to B-Tactical in Caddo Mills? I love that range.

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