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  1. All right guys, I want to be an active part of a local militia, I don't do facebook or any other social media. I am concerned with where this country is headed and what I can do to keep it going in the right direction if push comes to shove and the wheels come off the wagon. I am former military and law enforcement, but those were years ago and I know I need to get back into shape and the swing of things. I don't want to belong to a bois club or a He-man woman haters club. Just want to surround myself with like minded patriots who believe in GOD and Country. Is this the group?
  2. Mike Holden

    Mike Holden

  3. Greetings All,

    From Southeastern Virginia, former Army and then law enforcement when I was young. Of course I'm concerned in which direction this country is headed and want to be better educated and surround myself with like minded people. Not much in the way of militia in my area, just a few small groups with very little direction. I'm interested in networking and overall preparedness just in case it all comes apart at the seams. Thank you for this opportunity.



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