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    III% for Life, I believe in and support the Constitution, and will defend my country. I took an oath that does not expire to protect this great country up to and including my life.
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  1. Hello .... We're looking for like minded people, we live in JoCo, too.......

  2. Hey just reaching out to locals in my area I just recently discovered the California state militia. This mymilitia.com is actually quite resourceful in plugging me in with people around me. I know I'm in Los Angeles and you're all the way out up north in Oregon but I'm trying to get it together and figure out what I got to do to get started. Plus I guess the more connections I make the more informed I'll be.

  3. I didn't get any decals.......although I would like to order a couple
  4. I try and keep at least 500 rounds for each of my weapons if not more.
  5. I prefer my 9mm due to the fact that I can shoot .380's out of it also which makes my pistol a little more versatile then most but I also love my Colt 1911 .45 too
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