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  1. Hi folks, GDF Pops here. 

    Lately I've been seeing or reading about a lot of citizens who are fed up with the dictates of Governors, or Mayors, or City or County boards saying you have to wear masks when you go outside. While I am not one to sit here and tell you that it is your right to flout the law or commit to civil disobedience, I will say this. Most masks that are on the market today and available for purchase will not stop the Covid-19 virus. Your government officials are lying to you when they tell you that the masks (and this goes for the N95 mask as well) will prevent the spread of the virus by reducing the amount of microscopic droplets that come out of your mouth when you talk, cough, sneeze or even breath. While this is partially true, they are not saying the whole truth. Covid is what is considered a "universal" pathogen. People can contract the disease through their skin, mucous membranes, sexual contact and even your eyes. And the virus itself is so small (0.06u to 0.13u) that your average surgical type mask (the ones that have the rubber band strings that go over your ears) only has an effective mesh of 0.3u - u = microns, or 1/1 millionth of a meter). These numbers are cited on the CDC website. That's not small enough to trap Covid-19.

    In truth, masks are simply a "feel good" measure to aid the public into a sense of well being as they can be made to feel like they are doing their part to help stop the spread of this virulent outbreak. Other than more prurient measures such as greater social distancing, staying home and sealing up your house, or, if you have to go out, wearing a full NBC suit with gas mask, the half measures indicated by the "experts" is just that, half measures. This disease is going to do what all diseases do. It will infect a certain number of our population. It will kill a certain percentage of those that are infected, and then it will mutate (either into a lesser form of itself, or into a more resistant form of itself) and the process will start over again. Americans in general, do not like being told what they can, or cannot do when it comes to our personal freedoms. This is why we are seeing this pushback in so many of our cities and counties. I have my personal feelings about these mandates. Living in Arizona, we have a pretty harsh climate to begin with. Add to that the discomfort of running around with a mask that provides dubious protection at best, and, well, you see where I'm headed with this. I'm not saying you should do the same. To each man, his own truth. You decide. But don't be a sheep who follows blindly. Do your own research. 

    And now just a personal thought on shutting down businesses that our Governor determined to be "non-essential"...

    It's a good thing that this pandemic didn't hit when you owned Cold Stone Creamery, or I could bet even money you would have been screaming "unfair" and "due process" until you were blue in the face for all the good it would have done you. There's a good possibility that your governorship may have presided over the greatest financial collapse in the history of this state. Worse even than the one Evan Meecham presided over, and that was pretty bad. 

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