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  1. Hi Folks, GDF Pops here (again). 

    Whats with all this "Take a knee" business we're seeing in our Law Enforcement community and the military. I'm not getting on this board to say that people can't be sympathetic to whatever cause you decide to be sympathetic to. In fact, that's your right according to our constitution. And I will fight and die to protect that right. However, when I was in the Army (and this was many years ago mind you), we weren't allowed to make political statements, or join political causes no matter whether I was in uniform or not. Some weeks ago I see a video of a group of NG at a protest where their CO takes a knee and so do the subordinates, Now I'm not sure if the rules are different for the NG than it is for regular Army, but if I ever saw any of my subordinates take a knee during a political demonstration They would have had a serious dressing down, and possibly charges. I don't know if the NG command authority did anything to the Captain that was involved, but that was a serious breach of protocol. 

    And now for the Police. I cannot speak with authority about what is required of them during political rallies, or protests and demonstrations when it comes to voicing an agreement with, or making a physical gesture towards, the goals of a demonstration. I was never a police officer. But I do know quite a few cops. They have told me that "taking a knee" is strictly forbidden for a number of reasons (this is coming from the Phoenix PD and the Glendale PD). One of them being safety as it places the officer in an indefensible position with relation to the other people around them. Since some of these demonstrations have gone violent, it seems to me that this is one of the last things a cop should ever do. In fact, regardless of departmental policy, putting your safety at risk because you sympathize with a cause is bordering on insanity. Especially after reading about the events on the Brooklyn bridge (It was a NYPD Watch Commander who took a knee a few weeks back, but there have been no fewer than twenty such physical gestures by police).


    Well, I've said my peace.

    GFD Pops out.

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