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  1. I'm 63 with no military experience, live in Orem UT (45 miles of Salt Lake City UT), and have gone deer hunting several times. I hate seeing our freedom being systematically taken from us and want to join a militia to be part of the solution in regaining that freedom. I have a CCL. Who and where can I meet face to face with local leadership to begin learning and training to be part of the militia?
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  3. Hi MyMilitia.com, I believe in doing all we can to keep our country free and ensure freedom and upholding the rights stated in our Constitution. I have a CCL in Utah however do not have any training and would like to be part of supporting our area and country from rioting currently taking place. I own several 45 cal pistols, a 270 hunting rifle, 12 ga. shotgun, and am purchasing an AR-15 type rifle this week. I want to part of the solution protecting our country.

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