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  1. Understandable. I will wait until others respond and agree or disagree with rally point
  2. I completely agree that Hurricane would be the ideal primary location. Leads would not be bad as a secondary or even Toquerville. Where in Hurricane were you thinking?
  3. FNG in Cedar City.  Tell me what's going on, okay?  Anything at al or is this just a bunch of "keyboard commandos?"  I'm interested at this point.  We'll see what happens, sir.


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    Forgotten, but not gone

    1. Skeyediver


      Sorry I got back to you to late. I need to look into my settings because I did not get an email telling me that I had a message.

      Not much going on here is St George as of now but I don't think this craziness is going to stop. The Commies are in this til the end and I believe this is the end times for America if we don't stand together right now.

      How are things up in Cedar?

  4. Hey there,

    I have been looking for a group or groups of people who have made contact with other like minded to be able to have meetings/ training / planning in case things get crazy. Have you had any luck out here in St George?

    We need to get people together somehow.

    I'm Just reaching out and seeing if we can get something started. Not saying you and I but WE as in we as a group here.

  5. Close to St George area and looking to get in contact for meetings/training/preparedness.

  6. Skeyediver


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