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  1. Yea right, letting the mob know what you have on hand, how stupid is that? The guy is an A**hole.
  2. That's your job, not mine, if you cannot do that, sit down and shut up.
  3. Screw Soros, there are a lot of business men out there who would be willing to help to prevent them from being taken out of business and need they to be reached out to, versus making up lame excuses like you just did.
  4. Matters, not he tipped his hand, he's an idiot.
  5. Moral of the story, don't drink and tip your hand.
  6. What a Douch bag, he has no idea BLM is already planning and being paid to carry out such such an attack.
  7. That's the guy, had a lot of ideas but nothing ever happened, Seemed to be a tad paranoid too.
  8. Not all frequencies need to be coordinated, more so when applying for a statewide grant.
  9. In the industry it is called low band, VHF doesn't start until 132 MHz.
  10. Handheld HT-750/1250, Mobile CDM-750 or MCS 2000 for more power.
  11. The Red Cross has a low band nationwide license on 47.4200, sadly most of the radios are stored and forgotten since management went to to cell and sat phones. They are also working on reducing reliance on Hams for communications for tactical operations.

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