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  1. And we didn't start it. I'm seeing more and more where law abiding citizens have had enough with the ANTIFA thugs, they have burned and destroyed too much and are now taking it to the neighborhoods. But they are getting a reaction they did not expect, people will protect their neighborhoods. And a real good counter charge is to form or join a Back the Blue rally, to the ANTIFA thugs, such a rally is a flame to a moth, they need to counter protest such actions and that is how they can be played. If you are not active in forming such a rally, monitor your county and surrounding counties, when you find a notice of such a rally being planned, meet with leadership and offer to bring your organization in to support the rally, what level of support you can provide is up to leadership, but the more bodies the better and while it is nice to have some strong people up front, bring everyone you can muster, the more the better when the chanting starts. ANTIFA relies on a gang mentality, they are only strong when there is a lot of them in a group, push them back and separate them and they turn back into what they actually are, pussies. Intimidate and insult them, repeated comments about a lack of maturity, manhood, lack of being a woman for the other sex, etc. works make it real personal, goad them to do stupid, let them throw the first punch and provide a result they will remember. Use their tactics, with CV-19 everyone wants to be safe, so wear masks, make yourself hard to identify, if law enforcement shows up be calm and cooperative to a degree, let the other side scream and demand you be arrested. But never forget the revolution has already started, they brought it to us, the days of "planning" are behind us, we are late to the rodeo, it's time to get to work and stop planning what we might do tomorrow.
  2. I'll try again in a while, I apologize for the jackass comment, that was stupid on my part.
  3. You are so misinformed it isn't funny. 5G comes in 2 flavors mobile and fixed, lets begin with mobile for it is the current rollout, fixed is still out there in the vaporware. I going to keep this to the core and not drift into IEMI's and core switching as that is all non-RF and back office technology, what I will discuss is the radio side of the system. Now an overview of Cellular/PCS. Beginning with first Generation (G) analog and moving up to 2G, 3G and 4G digital, your handset would be discovered by a base station and be assigned a channel out of 1 of the 3 sectors up on the halo, as you moved about other sectors and sites that could receive your signal would send that signal level back to the switching office and that level would be compared to the connected level, if another sector or site began receiving a stronger signal then the connected signal, your handset would be instructed to change channels and the site(s) would be instructed to handover your call to the other sector or site. The system has worked like this since 1G analog, the only difference is once the system was changed over from analog to digital the radios became more and more software defined radios (SDR), this allows carriers to up the "G" without having to change out the very expensive base stations. What happened though is increased traffic is maxing out the bandwidth of the channels, so by physics there is only 2 solutions, higher frequencies which I will discuss later or channel bonding, 5G is channel bonding, with 5G your handset will be assigned multiple channels and the data flowing from and to your handset, will be split up between the assigned channels, as such 5G is nothing more than the previous "G's" utilizing more channels. As such and this has been proven over decades, there is no mind control, brain damage, or any other problems that the 5G fear mongers are proffering, which sadly some less than technical people are buying into and these claims are nothing new, the same was said when 3G and 4G was rolled out, usually from the same suspects, some of whom have actually had the balls to try to get the carriers to pay them off to shut up and stop spreading lies. Now higher frequencies, it is well known by RF technicians based on the, Shannon–Hartley theorem which states the maximum rate at which information can be transmitted over a communications channel of a specified bandwidth in the presence of noise is based on the Nyquist of the frequency, it used to be believed that Nyquist was half of the frequency, however some smarter then me people discovered quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM), in layman's terms QAM is Frequency Modulation (FM) over Amplitude Modulation (AM). This busted the old Nyquist theory and allowed greatly increased the data capacity of a channel, the amount of increase is dependent on the modulation scheme commonly from 64 QAM to 256 QAM, what determines the number is the noise floor, 64 is more robust and can handle higher noise levels than 256 can, this is why when you travel in rural areas your data rate can drop as the distance between the site and your handset increases, once the path begins taking too many errors the base station lowers the modulation rate to keep you connected as long as possible. The other solution is higher frequency and QAM and this is being researched going as high as 33 GHz, however it is well known the higher the frequency the greater the path fade causing a loss of range, this is why Cellular/PCS for the most part max's out at 2.5 GHz. So now what's happening is, the tin foil hatters (TFH) are once again are marching out while pounding the drums of fear and claiming these high frequencies are going to scramble peoples minds, cause cancer and men will be become pussified and women will become brutes, which is already happening, but it has nothing to do with RF and everything to do with society. The reality is they don't know the difference between non-ionizing and ionizing radiation, one is for the most part harmless as all it can do is induce localized heating and the other is dangerous as it can cause cancer or kill a person by damaging DNA.
  4. Nice dumb answer, I tried to join and after entering my county it dropped me back to the beginning. But have fun, I have no need to help jackass's like you and yours anymore.
  5. Those are PL codes, they prevent you from having to listed to other on frequency transmissions, but don't prevent others from monitoring you. And if you do you use PL codes it makes it real easy for others to ID your transmissions. Also be careful with those radios, they are fragile and if used with a remote microphone cannot handle the slightest but of moisture and their batteries have way too low capacity for any serious use, their basically disposable toys.
  6. Motorola makes some decent units that can be has used for very reasonable prices.
  7. About 3 seconds of transmission and I can have a 6' fix on your location. It's a rather simple system utilizing 4 1/4 wave antennas spaced in a box 1/4 wave apart. If you pay close attention you might see these installed on the roof's of patrol cars for a system known as Lojack. It works by measuring the phase difference of a received signal received by all 4 antennas, once the phase is calculated the distance and direction is displayed on a small display mounted on the dash on the inside of the patrol car. Their is a ground based solution that can indicate multiple locations on a wall mounted monitor. This is one of the reasons to keep the power down to just what is needed 2-5 watts, the higher the power the further away the tracking device will work and the faster the fix.
  8. Certifications are nothing more than fruit salad to be applied to ones uniform, they indicate nothing about actual experience or the ability to to be a asset to the organization, they are barriers placed by people for control over others.
  9. And my job as a system designer is to make everyone have communications with as little footprint as possible, I'm not a warrior, my job is to make their job as simple and as safe as possible when it comes to communications. If I do that I have completed my duty to any organization that wish's to retain my services.
  10. Uh, there is no such thing as a high input area radio.
  11. That is what you stated and for urban building penetration VHF is incorrect. High power is not needed, power must be found and weight must be considered, a 110 watt VHF MCS2000 is going to pull 27 amps at 12 volts, that requires it be connected to shore power which might not be available or installed in a vehicle that is running, not too practical in the real world. Plus Ham radio is all but useless, most Ham's are not setup to become involved in such, and it is borderline legal for Ham frequencies to be used for such as it becomes a commercial use of radio, which Hams are forbidden to do. Plus if you have ever seen how Hams rig stuff up you would understand they are not all that much into reliability.

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