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  1. Really needed to see this. Thank you all for your insight. I have all the normal Texas boy hunting equipment. And it’s all I needed in the mindset I once had. And numerous home defense items. But this kickstart / reference guide does give me a better direction. But I honestly just read so much that I can’t recall if anyone mentioned ear protection, water, boots etc. I began looking at the older post and just found myself at this point. This is an area that I would like to see some more information on for myself ,and all others like myself would probably be interested in. Started seeking a local group though in current times this is a hot topic and tough to get some to invest time or energy. And it’s a valid concern seeing as they are getting so many hits and no telling who may truly be serious about this. So if a seasoned vet would be willing to share more ideas on gear it would be welcomed and appreciated. I have basics of the M&P sport 2, plenty of ammo and some other items. The local Texas guys posted here on training coming but looking at the videos and being July in Tx there is no doubt this Ol dog would die.
  2. The words in my head though couldn’t seem to find. Thank you
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  4. That TSMhouston group looks like the way to go for me. I am really close and it appears they are very active. I’m only now attempting to become a part of the solution. Hard to understand that I was so blind. Not easy to swallow my ignorance. Though I was blind it’s crystal clear now. Training and organization is necessary and I know there will be a role for me somewhere. I’m at square 1 but I’m in no way able to sit aside to watch the game on the sidelines or bleachers. Your insight is right on. And I’m great full this site to allow others to see the message.
  5. I didn’t realize my not so smart phone didn’t put any comments on. Well maybe it’s a user error 

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