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  1. Couldn't agree more.  Those of us willing to stand have to get talking and organize.  Where and when are the 843 meetings?

  2. Not from L.I. but it's time to end this crap. If there are serious plans for resistance, I have skills that can be useful. Email me if things get real and manpower is needed.
  3. Devil Dawg 57

    Devil Dawg 57

  4. Nice ar what type  of optic bran is that on it?

    1. Devil Dawg 57

      Devil Dawg 57

      All Govt. Issue, was an Advisor with the Afghan AF in 2015/16.

      My personal long range weapon is a Remington 700 5R 24" Stainless w/ Nikon M308 scope

  5. Hey folks, looking for like minded non-racist patriots who are gearing up to keep our country free. If we don’t push back now it will only get worse. I’m not advocating for violence, just discussion of ideas to help us move forward...
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