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  1. In 1823 William Sumner published The Importance of a Militia to a Free Commonwealth, which was addressed to and endorsed by John Adams. Sumner wrote that the United States would be a target for invasion, “if its population, like that of Europe, chiefly consisted of an unarmed peasantry, and its whole reliance was on its regular army, one pitched battle would decide its fate. But a country of well trained militia-men is not conquered when its army is beaten … Here, every house is a castle, and every man is a soldier. Arms are in every hand.”

    John Adam’s response to Sumner’s writing:

    “Your manuscript dissertation concerning the militia is so comfortable to all my opinions concerning it from my cradle, that it seemed to be living my life over again…. The American states have owed their existence to the militia for more than two hundred years. Neither schools, nor colleges, nor town meetings have been more essential to the formation and character of the nation than the militia. Impose its constitution by every prudent means. but never destroy its universality. A select militia will soon become a standing army. Whenever the militia comes to an end, or is despised or neglected, I shall consider this union dissolved, and the liberties of North America lost forever.”

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  3. Hi All, New to this site. In the beginning of the year I joined The Three Percent Originals (TTPO), VA Chapter. I'm open to any and all helpful information. We live in crazy times and patriots need to band together. Gentlemen, we must all hang together, or we will most assuredly all hang separately. Juan.

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