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  1. Another blessed day in the beautiful upstate. Cool mountain air and my flag moving in the breeze.
  2. Just got off the bike. Nice time riding with the wife and kids. All is quiet in the Upstate.
  3. Mine is self explanatory. Plumbing since 1981 with a few short breaks. Almost everyone knows 100s of people named Chris, so it became a common id years ago.
  4. Still here, still old, still grumpy. All is quiet in the Upstate
  5. Thanks for the hard work, man.
  6. Some good, some bad. I like the primitive sites at Lake Jocassee. Also the "grape vine" in Oconee.
  7. I bought a 7mm STW and a Smith and Wesson from Cabela's. They price match if you ask. They are high as heck on everything. I buy ammo in bulk with friends. It's WAY cheaper to buy it by the pallet. But i reload also. It's fun and I get to creep up on awesome groups. I like knowing what my ammunition is going to do. Support actual business when you can. I like Amazon but they couldn't care less about us or the U.S. if you spread out the business that we do on the internet and put it into brick and mortar stores it would translate into tens of thousands more jobs.
  8. By the way, when Wal-Mart decided to screw over my civil liberties I fired them. I haven't been back in a Wal-Mart since. Over two years. We survive just fine. Vote with your feet. Vote with your money. Send the message.
  9. Why would I care? Because it falls in line with the billionaire liberal scheme of taking our liberties through commerce. Why I couldn't care less? Dick's has been overpriced and under stocked since, well, forever. When they hired that female failure for a CEO and another feminazi as their buyer I knew it was over.
  10. There are a load of excellent platforms for the 7 mag. I would go with a more budget friendly option versus getting rid of a single gun. I have a 7mag and I really like the 300 win mag. It's really tough to like one over the other. Ballistics favor the 300 when trying to bring home meat past 500 yards. I know I can bust game with my 7 out past that but i never load heavier than 150gr for it so weight retention is a factor. My point is, I can effectively hit paper at 600 with my .308 but I wouldn't take game that far with it. So, intended purpose is relevant. I know Barnes solid are a good option but I really like partition. You know how it is, once I get something dialed in I resist change. Would i get rid of my 7mag for a 300? Only if i were to start going out west to mountain hunt. Other than that, my 7mag ain't gonna get gone.

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