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  1. I hate to be rude but, the bottom half is already fish most of the time. Plus, with that tail she may go find help?
  2. Brandon, if you are unable to locate a group by all means start one. Many members can help you with a group charter and code of conduct. The legal stuff has to be done. Let me know how it shakes out.
  3. Eyes open. Never seen so much anti-American hate. Could go sideways at any time.
  4. Been there TheBlackCat. Going through it once again with my uncle as well. I do pray. I have faith and some understanding. Do what you can for her, you will never regret the time you put in. I will be praying for you all.
  5. Chris the plumber, on the porch. All quiet in the upstate.
  6. Upstate. Not too far from Clemson. I'm old, sore and usually aggravated but I'm here if I'm needed.
  7. All quiet in zone 7. On the same page about Limp Lindsay. We need someone to run against him. Someone decent. Someone Constitutionally minded.
  8. Good day fellow sand lappers. Another wonderful day of clouds, potholes and government assholes! God bless this Republic.
  9. Islam is a cult masquerading as a religion. The goal has always been to infiltrate, assume power and overthrow the nonmuslim regime. They have been doing it for well over a thousand years and will never stop. Islam is anti-American. Islam cannot coexist with any Republic. Period.
  10. (Liberal perspective) "Look at that goose, selflessly trying to help that helpless coyote across the border"!

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As the de facto authority in american patriot militias we understand that we oversee a significant share of the publics perception of the militia, and with this many individuals and militias entrust their ideas, work, and data to our platform. We do not take this lightly as we mandate an extreme amount of responsibility and assurance of good faith, transparency, and due process. We will remain vigilant as a trusted force among our people. So help us God.
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