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  1. Been down for quite a while. Still old. Still ugly. Still angry. Today is Independence day. God bless America. Long live the Republic.
  2. Chris-the-plumber


    Is Madonna at it again?
  3. I pray for peace while preparing for battle. The nation may be beyond saving. I will fight, as many will. I just do not see any scenario where we get our country back. Fact is integrity, honor and sacrifice do not depend on the outcome. It depends on the character of the man.
  4. I hate to be rude but, the bottom half is already fish most of the time. Plus, with that tail she may go find help?
  5. Brandon, if you are unable to locate a group by all means start one. Many members can help you with a group charter and code of conduct. The legal stuff has to be done. Let me know how it shakes out.
  6. Eyes open. Never seen so much anti-American hate. Could go sideways at any time.
  7. Been there TheBlackCat. Going through it once again with my uncle as well. I do pray. I have faith and some understanding. Do what you can for her, you will never regret the time you put in. I will be praying for you all.
  8. Upstate. Not too far from Clemson. I'm old, sore and usually aggravated but I'm here if I'm needed.
  9. All quiet in zone 7. On the same page about Limp Lindsay. We need someone to run against him. Someone decent. Someone Constitutionally minded.
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