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  1. They are truly leftist. Empowered by the size of their bank accounts. These idiots run together. Telling one another how wonderful and intelligent they are. The time has come to remind them what it means to be American. The society giveth and the society taketh away.
  2. This is one of the letters I routinely send to EVERY ONE of my representatives. Dear Sir, In recent years you have made promises to protect our rights as given by our Creator as outlined and guaranteed by our Constitution and our Bill Of Rights. Any further "compromise" concerning our second amendment rights is unacceptable. In recent years not only have our second amendment rights been augmented and misrepresented but now our first amendment rights are being challenged as well. You were well warned of the consequences of any unconstitutional actions or inaction such as the case may be. Myself, my family and hundreds of my friends agree, restoration of liberties is not possible once taken. So we STRONGLY encourage you to do what is right in accordance with our founders intent. Respectfully, Chris Ellenburg. Sometimes I personalize the text a bit, but you get the picture. Being in a militia means more than preparing for the worst. It means, as we all know, dealing with our individual circumstances in a responsible manner. Showing up to help when others run away or worse yet try to take advantage of people in need. We are THE PEOPLE. Please join the fight to be heard as a constitution loving citizen. There are many forms of government. We all know of the global socio-economic government, the Federal government, the State government and the local government. The most important is more powerful than all others. It is personal government. When we come together as decent solid citizens I believe that no force on earth could stop the march toward righteous freedom. Please contact your representatives. Please gather, in peace, at the capitals. The leftist are putting on a very convincing show. We must respond. Thank you.
  3. No doubt. The mind is easy to manipulate given a little time and the proper reward system. The games on Fakebook and elsewhere are designed to falsely reward users for making no effort or even making poor decisions. 20 years ago today's normal would've gotten your ass kicked.
  4. Not even a little surprised. The whole tech community seems to be involved in the Clinton cartel.
  5. Northern Wisconsin Militiamen.Mission Statement-The Cobra Commanders represent a community of patriots, true believers in a good, free and prosperous America. We believe in and strive to maintain a set of traditional values in faith, family and work, and in an absolute right to self preservati on. We believe in self determination, in limited and local government, assisting fellow Americans during hardships and disasters and in honoring and maintaining the republic as it was designed more than 239 years ago. We believe that the freedoms passed down through 239 years of American history and suffrage, often purchased at great cost, must be protected as well as promoted. We believe it vital that American history be returned to the classroom and to the culture. America is in the midst of a global struggle that necessitates engagement, not only militarily or economically but spiritually as well. We exist here with one common goal of a free and prosperous America. We come together as brothers and sisters to support each other in every color, every culture, every community, as one country.
  6. Wisconsin Light Foot Militia - A Constitutional Militia
  7. I have a great many feelings about this. First, it is in the best interest of every community to police themselves and is not only legal but advised in many places. Second, information is fairly easy to come by concerning who is asking for assistance. Whether they be well intentioned or not or if they are up to no good. Something similar is being done with abused children by certain motorcycle clubs. So far the result has been fantastic. I firmly believe in our responsibility to act on the best interest of our fellow man in as much as they are unable of their own ability. Women, children and the elderly need protection. So much so that it was called "true religion" in the Bible. I would not advocate for a group like the Ku Klux Klan, but will stand firm that every community needs to be self regulated and protected. The police cannot be everywhere and frankly shouldn't have to be.
  8. As I have come to understand the essence of what society becomes when economic crisis hits there are very few things one needs to be able to trade on to survive. #1. Food and food preparation/preservation supplies. The age of trading in salt may see a revisit. How to store food is an art. Few know it. #2. Services including but not limited to plumbing, carpentry, security, firearms and ammunition production. #3. Farming and farm support services. Few people understand how many jobs can be had in farm support. Chicken feed doesn't fall from the sky. Someone somewhere has to produce it. There are opportunities for those willing to work hard. It will take something I am afraid may not exist in any large city. It will require community. The lone wolf will always be eaten by the pack.
  9. I guarantee that myself and several of my close friends are on a list or two. We were among those who dared to challenge the narrative and seek out the truth since the scam election of Barack the felon Obama.
  10. And try we must. As we grow older and perhaps less physically capable, I can't help but think back on my heroes and the impact they made on my life. Perhaps the greatest honor I have known has been the attentive ear of a child. Pass on what treasured knowledge you can, my friend. Few have taken on such a glorious burden. I fear that will be our greatest regret in years to come. By the way, an engineer never retires. You simply find new people to aggravate.
  11. I may be the author of my own issues. I'm using a kindle. These things work strangely on most sites.