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  1. He's great! I'm glad you like him. Here he is, 10 years ago, talking about the organized takedown of the US that I've been speaking about. Although he doesn't fit it into any larger narrative, he just talks about that time and the future. This is 36 minutes long, but you can chop off the first 10 or 15 minutes and still pick up the convo just fine. Around 26:00 he puts the topic into battle terms. A little later he references actual battles. Some here may find his perspective useful. I just discovered this video:
  2. It's even worse than that. They actually believe Hitler was right wing.
  3. You have to flesh that idea out a bit, sorry.
  4. With chloroquine that risk is 5x greater than with HCQ. this risk should be screened out. By the time someone is in bad enough shape to be admitted to a hospital to begin with, it's too late. With the dose and use in this situation NO ONE has developed arrhythmia. This has been in use for over 50 years with millions, it didn't suddenly change.
  5. They can't "get control." They're pawns, and their role is not to "get control." They have no candidates! Neither are they very well funded. Soros is known to have given antifa $1.7M last year. Will AG Barr do anything about that? If you're giving very angry people there to protest $20 and asking them to "go flip some tables," at doesn't really matter if that's literal or figurative, you've just turned a peaceful protester into a criminal rioter. And your $1.7M will last quite a while at that rate. You don't need to be well funded. The extent of their "control" need be no more than intimidate people away from going to vote in person, and block entrances to voting locations. They've shown us they can and will do this, at every location they possibly can. And that LEO and even NG will only aid and abet their goal, even in Tulsa. If they can do that there, they can do it anywhere. All they need to do is get conservatives to like mail-in ballots with its fraud, and they steal every seat in the Country. THAT, would be the control that is sought, in the very short term.
  6. 1,500 lawsuits filed since lockdown began, meaning between 3/16 - 5/23. Most Courts have been closed in that time. Nothing was resolved. Your pessimism is baseless, and blind. I can tell you're a lawyer because you don't understand "legal standing." None of us can afford to not understand what's happening in the Country to the extent you demonstrate here. For a historical perspective, in 1921 Tulsa had a riot that was more like a battle. "Over the next year, local citizens filed more than US$1.8 million (equivalent to $26 million in 2019) in riot-related claims against the city by June 6, 1922." I don't know the disposition of those cases but if none of them won I don't think they'd be reported on the wiki: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tulsa_race_massacre It would be interesting to know how laws on the topic may have changed since, and if insurance companies will pay or if they have an escape clause based on government completely abandoning its duty to defend the populace. This is just a tiny amount of liability on the part of local and State Officials though, as compared to the deliberate murder of over a hundred thousand.
  7. You misunderstand the purpose for suing tyrannical Governors: we don't hope to financially profit. We want them to STOP KILLING US!! At least 110,000 + dead at their hands, and they are nowhere near done. Some even go so far as to have encouraged BLM / antifa rioting, prevented contact tracers from even asking if they attended George Floyd large gatherings, and shutting businesses down all over again. It's not "just brick and mortar," it is LIVES RUINED. How many businesses have already closed for good? How many more are teetering at the edge of it? How many lives are impacted, as employees? And that's just the individual level. What about as a Nation? This is deliberate. And the criminal and civil liability of Governors is unlimited. In the rare case where the Governor is ok, focus on the most tyrannical Mayor. I believe it is Utah that is a clear example of that.
  8. I'd be curious to learn about the beginnings of overt communist operations in the US. This is not something I have looked into. Any good online sources? I agree with you that no military takeover of the US is going to happen, and certainly not by the likes of BLM or antifa. That the real threat is US society actually changing, which the US Constitution allows for. I would hope we are all concerned with a minority silencing the majority, which is clearly happening. Cancel culture, we are all being silenced. This is effectively "the overthrow of the US Constitution," which antifa has plainly stated as their goal for at least 5 years. This is not military means, and it would be nice if we weren't all completely ineffective at stopping it. Further understanding is needed. You are a student of history. You clearly fathom how the history of battles and wars impacts decisions today, or the possible immediate future. This knowledge is invaluable! The rest of my post may be purely academic, but it may likewise contain valuable information that we all need to know if we are to be effective rather than merely watch helplessly as our Nation is toppled the rest of the way. Your joke is funny. It also demonstrates very clearly that, at least in civilian circles, you have no idea how subversion happens, and even more clearly that you've never been exposed to the conflict of teachers vs school administration. Administrators collect almost all the pay, provide nothing but problems, and steamroll right over teachers who do all the actual educating. Further, teachers have to get hired; they can't very well come in with ideas opposed to the administration. Soviet subversion, if it were to ever be as clumsy as sending individuals directly to our academia, it would be to key administration positions, NOT a lowly teacher. Here we can see the plainly stated goals of Soviet subversion, all of which are now met, and that they are aligned with the rest of the forces that've actively been trying to topple the US for 107 years: 26 minutes long, but keen insight well worth watching. The spontaneous occurrence that you suggest arose in academia simply wasn't possible unless it started at the top. The CFR was formed in 1921 by Cecil Rhodes, who also started it's Sister organization in the UK. Since then academia has been a race to develop the most "progressive" student possible, because of the rewards associated with producing Rhodes scholars. This is indisputable fact. They also choose who we get to vote for, which is not at all provable but simply look at the % of Rhodes scholars among political candidates vs the general population. The influence is undeniable. I know nothing about Gramsci, other than something that surfaced recently about some politician being the Son of a Prof who focused on teaching his ideas. If you comprehend the Frankfurt School, it's goals have also permeated academia, from elementary school through University. It is impossible to hand wave that away as nonsense, it is well-established fact. It is also impossible to say that any small elite group is in actual control; control is contested, people vie for it. This is the essence of human history. And also why this matters! If we are to contest the control of evil, we need to understand who is doing what. In academic circles, we aren't changing anything before November; it will take generations. We CAN better understand the mindset of our immediate opponents, however. It should directly inform our efforts at say a table at a gun show, and all the other practical ideas you have about how the movement here should be operating now, both to expand political influence and to expand numbers. I don't mean to be abrasive, but much has come to light since you were a school boy, and this could be added to your historic database with good effect. By the same token, "boogaloo bois" are nothing but a Fed honeypot. The ok hand sign as being a symbol of white supremacy started as a joke, by the chans. (4chan, 8chan, /Pol) Hopefully you've already seen the resolution of that? Same thing with "boogaloo," which has NEVER been a group. If it were, how did it escape detection on this website? Of all the people here who have been in contact with right-wing groups of all flavors over the past 5 years, how come NO ONE has ever heard of any such group? Because it simply does not exist. The wiki page on them was started May 20th. Yes, immediately before the death of George Floyd, Hmmm. By contrast, /Pol has joked about Hawaiian shirts in this context for many years because they are obnoxious and easily identifiable. "Poe's Law" states that satire is indistinguishable from reality as you approach extremism. (It was started by E. Poe as purely referencing Christianity, and this militant atheist who's first name I forget was such an idiot I used sheer logic to drive him off the Christian website where he made his contribution to society. It was an immediate improvement) The immediate relevancy to all this is AG Barr has decided to target the "Boogaloo Bois," while giving a pass to BLM / antifa. Or I should qualify that: if he has, he's simply stalling anyone who might act to thwart BLM's intimidation. It's also possible that he's sending a fake signal to try to help flush out BLM / antifa leadership, and really will reign in the Marxist takeover attempt. The contrast couldn't be clearer: we have countless hours of footage of BLM / antifa setting fires, destroying property, and stealing, with (at least) 19 dead. While 3 "Boogaloo Bois" are charged even though they didn't act. So by all means yes, let's target the non-existent Boogaloo Boys and continue to excuse BLM / antifa which is nothing but a Marxist takeover disguised as racial conflict. Such is the state of our Nation. Every shred of intel we can gather may prove useful. The immediate takeaway here aligns with the official militia stance: WAIT! If AG Barr actually targets BLM / antifa, it will be a very good thing none of us did. If he continues not to? Don't be fooled by claims of white supremacists aligning with BLM, which is farcical on its face. And realize that "Boogaloo Bois" do NOT exist! No self-respecting conservative would name themselves that. It's a tragedy that some will be lured into the honeypot. That's how most Muslims have been arrested here since 911, too. We should brace for info to continue coming in at a faster pace, and the situation on the ground to match that problem. We'll need to be able to adapt quickly. "The fog of war" is thick right now, and we need to give AG Barr some time to tip his hand. Hopefully everyone here knows he was approving of the Federal snipers at Ruby Ridge.
  9. Can you explain to me what you think peaceful demonstrations will accomplish? Because the 2A rally on 1/20/20 in VA was PERFECT. 30,000, and the very next day they voted for all the same gun control measures anyway. In a State that almost every County declared itself a "2A Sanctuary." I think this proves that the time for peaceful protest is long past.
  10. There is every reason NOT to believe what news has to say. They lie, deliberately. They have lost ALL credibility, years ago. You haven't done anything sensible with chloroquine and have no basis for talking about it. Sorry to be blunt but you are in the worst position to know anything about this, which you demonstrated with 100% clarity. By the time someone is so sick they've been admitted to a hospital, it's a completely different condition. John Hopkins determined years ago that HCQ is safe at 400 mg per day for long term use. That didn't suddenly change after 60 + years of use and millions of patients. This notion of "health risk" is a lie. HCQ (hydroxychloroquine) is decades newer than chloroquine and has a 5 x lower side effect profile. Had you used it, you wouldn't refer to it as "chloroquine." Neither would you refer to one drug had you used it in sensible combination. Chloroquine itself was studied in over 3,000 covid-19 patients before we ever heard about any of this in the US. All the claims that there were no studies is nothing but crony capitalism. Dr Doom big pharma Fauci makes no money off HCQ, but makes plenty off the main things being pushed besides oxygen. Used properly HCQ reduces hospitalizations and death by 95% as compared to our national average, and this has been repeated. That doesn't change just because authorities are killing as many of us as possible. No different from letting Burn Loot Murder run wild, while only arresting anyone stopping them.
  11. Here are some harsh realities we're dealing with on these very salient points you raise: 1) MSM is owned by a select few. This has gotten worse. They have an agenda, and it is the orchestrated take-down of the US we all see from different angles. They could operate at a loss for 1,000 years and not experience a budget shortfall. 2) The left has been operating on emotion for some time now. At least the past 5 years. We didn't have a 24/7 news cycle before 911, it was game shows. Notice how they cycle emotional stories to keep their audience's emotions at a fever pitch. People can't maintain that, not and stay healthy. They will either burn out or we may catch them at an emotional low. We should arrive at something that will appeal to their emotions, which just might open them up to hearing some small nugget of truth. For example white supremacists would not align with BLM. And yet any fact or statistic is already labeled "racist," so we have to temper any expectations. 3) OANN, RSBN and Epoch Times put out many stories that can be found for free. We can share them, but only amongst ourselves. youtube used to be a great source for independent journalism and discussion with locals to the story. We saw how youtube put an end to that. These are dark days ...
  12. Terminology: HCQ = hydroxychoroquine. 5 x less side effect profile than chloroquine, which is decades older. HCQ + azithromycin does in fact fight this virus, as proven in the lab. Add zinc to it and the rate of both hospitalization and death gets cut in HALF. None of the studies reported on by misleadia use the combination of all three. Massive problems with the studies they have reported on. Ionophore: that's what helps get zinc in our cells. This interferes with viral replication so that our immune system has less to fight. If we wait til we know we're sick to take this, we're not likely to get enough zinc in time. Quercetin is a zinc ionophore, and also has lots of other benefits pertaining to our immune system, especially when taken with vitamin C. In pill form, C doesn't do us so much good. Kiwi or oranges are far better. Copper mainly balances out zinc, and we don't need much to do that. You can certainly take too much copper. Lots and lots of zinc over a period of time should have some supplemental copper to go with it. EGCG, the active ingredient in green tea (extract) is also a zinc ionophore. This too has lots of varied health benefits, but mainly it's a gentle pick-me-up with no caffeine crash. So while we can't get HCQ by any means, maybe we can get a partial benefit with some cheap over the counter stuff that's generally good. Also by deliberately boosting our innate immune system, which naturally weakens as we age. Echinacea helps, ashwaganda hurts. Exercise and raised body temperature both help. Our skin doesn't turn sunlight into vitamin D as well as we age. Even though the virus is nothing like the initial panic, some simple steps to stay healthy make sense. If authorities were concerned with public health they would've done everything differently, including immediately telling people that quarantine destroys our immune system and what steps we could take to boost it. (Not to mention giving sick people medicine, which was DONATED)
  13. Who is being used as muscle by the right? Did you mean to say "groups being used as muscle by the far left?"
  14. No, not even close. They are people that have NO solutions, pretend fascism is a thing in this Country, and don't realize they were the only fascists in the US. Until they joined BLM. They can't even comprehend Hitler was a leftist. To them, anyone that disagrees with them on any point is: fascist, nazi, literally Hitler, and worse than Hitler. Simultaneously.
  15. She knew she flushed her nursing license and career down the toilet to expose the mass murder in hospitals. HIPAA violation to expose them. This is what a hero looks like!
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