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  1. Well, I can't run and jump like i use too, but my trigger finger still works fine. I did 2 tour's in vietnam, I was with 3 unit's  25th inf. div., 20th engr's (combat) BDE. and 101st ABN DIV. The only real problem i have now, is that I've been in a wheelchair for more than 5yrs I can't walk, but I'm trying my best I will walk again. I'm 100% disabled from being exposed to agent orange. I'm from Brooklyn,n.y. i moved to ct about 33yr's ago my wife and I. If I can do anything let me know

    1. Razor Ramone

      Razor Ramone

      Hello there from the small world department! I grew up not far from Brooklyn, lived in CT 82-83, my Brother still lives there, and my Mom's Uncle was in the 101st airborne, Pathfinders, "first" to enter battle on D-Day; the controversial Frank Lillyman. (Maybe a few got out of a plane before he did?)  Anyway he was still with the 101st throughout the battle of Bastogne and came home in one piece, physically and mentally. lived a full life and died of old age on domestic soil. Glad you are still with us! Wishing you a good recovery ...

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