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  1. Here is a new militia based out of Cherokee County GA. If you don't live in Cherokee County, you can start your own unit. https://civiliandefenseforce.org/
  2. Good analogy. President Trump will win. The question is do the citizens of the US allow the Democrats to steal the election?
  3. Banksters are worse than gangsters. Gangsters take the loot . Banksters take your loot and your freedom. No wonder banksters don't want law abiding citizens owning guns. It's a threat to their criminal activities.
  4. Think Gab will get there soon. Andrew Torba the founder of Gab has also launched a search engine.
  5. The Cover Me app is a way to keep in contact via text or call. You get a second private number which can be used for local militia contact.
  6. In the end, the enemies of the Republic will lose. The way Bill Gates mass murderers henchmen will make you take a vaccine is a little more subtle than Antifa mask wearing thugs banging on your door with a huge syringe of deadly vaccine that will alter your DNA. If you want to take a plane, a bus, go grocery shopping at chain supermarkets..they will require proof of vaccine ( Certificate of Vaccination= Covid 19). American patriots must have their own infrastructure...our own sources of food, transportation, medical, health and other vital products. Now here has been my experience with the area code militias since I joined mymilitia.com 6/22/2020. I have reached out to everyone in the area code militia as well as a few people outside of the 770 militia. I don't know about other people on mymilitia.com, but I have not been able to connect with anyone outside of the message board, direct messaging and a couple of emails. There is way too much to give up at this point for any of us. Stand and fight. Kneel and die. Those are the only 2 choices. The communist bloodthirsty scum are literally gunning for us. People are being shot while driving their cars for example.As for me,. Lord Jesus just laid upon me today with less than 90 days till the election that I must build my own militia even though I have never served in the military, law enforcement and am in my 60's. I don't know how it will come together. I just trust. Shortly, far better planners with much better acumen than me are going to launch another template for people seeking to build their own militia. When I get the template, I will gladly share it with you and anyone else determined to save this great country. Just let me know.
  7. Know your enemies. The Austin City Council has already said that they are in favor of blowing up the police station. Austin City Council Democrats + Democrat mayor + Antifa = Enemies of American Patriots. https://www.infowars.com/austin-city-council-officially-calls-for-blowing-up-police-station-as-symbol-of-ending-police-hate/
  8. That is a pastor who preaches the Word of God ! This type of video is important to undermine BLM support with Christians by using their own anti-God words.
  9. Very valuable information. Secured communication is critical.
  10. There will be consequences for the UN. This organization knew that the USA should withdraw from the UN well over 50 years. Better let than never. https://www.jbs.org/get-us-out-of-the-united-nations/
  11. Welcome John. Join a militia. Or Start your own. You are with like minded people here.
  12. There are besieged Patriots in Seattle that we need to help when they come to Mymilitia.com. Don't leave one Patriot behind.
  13. Facebook is the enemy. The Bolsheviks running Fakebook will delete it. It won't get deleted off banned.video..here is a link to that. If we don't have the brass to use our first amendment, then how many will use brass with the second amendment? https://banned.video/watch?id=5f1fc7a468370e02f29f34cf
  14. If this can happen in the blue city of Minneapolis, think how we can grow in Red States. Get ready to get flooded with new recruits to this website.
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