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  1. Hello Mark: I have not been on My militia for a couple of weeks. We welcome hearing from you and joining us. Email me at [email protected] so I can guide you step by step in the process.
  2. Our unit is in Cherokee County GA. civiliandefenseforce.org is a network of community defense groups. Check out our mission and website. Consider starting your own unit.
  3. Welcome Duane! I , too, am a Christian and a married American Patriot. We will defeat Satan's minions. The only question is how many innocent must perish? What state and county are you located in? Capt D Cherokee Defense Force civiliandefenseforce.org
  4. Where are you located close to ? civiliandefenseforce.org
  5. Welcome Billy. As fellow Patriots, we at Cherokee Defense Force are like minded people. Your background as an ex Army Ranger would be a valuable skill set for the military part of our unit. Cherokee Defense Force is part of civiliandefenseforce.org . Go there. Click join a unit. Cherokee Defense Force is Unit #0333. Go thru the vetting process. Now in the real world, I realize that it may be a drive to our meetings in Cherokee County. If things work out, we will do what we can to arrange training closer to you and even help you start a CDF unit closer to home. Feel free to email me with qu
  6. consider starting your own unit at civiliandefenseforce.org
  7. Consider starting your own unit with civiliandefenseforce.org
  8. Consider starting your own unit with civiliandefenseforce.ga
  9. Consider starting your own unit with civiliandefenseforce.org
  10. Thought the governor or attorney general was stepping in to reverse the Soros elected district attorneys prosecution of the McCloskeys.? Keep doing what you are doing to expose the gross perversions of justice. The wheels of justice do turn though for those unjustly prosecuted it does seem like it takes forever. Unite with like minded people. Post election a lot is going to change for the better once the iron boot of tyranny is lifted from our necks. President Trump will need to invoke the Insurrection Act to turn things around. civiliandefenseforce.org
  11. It's been a generational cultural Marxist assault on everything American. You and I and tens of millions of Americans are in the process of taking America back. We can and we will.
  12. Just happened in Denver the other day, Patriot prayer man used pepper spray. Antifa executed him with a gun. Disparity of force will get a person killed quickly. The left has chosen this path of blood shed. Minimize it through preparation. Know your enemy.
  13. Interesting video..as Christians we are to have discernment; everything is telling me that this former FBI agent is telling the truth about this Brunson posing as Pastor to fool naive Christians. President Trump, of whom I am a strong supporter, does need to have James Comey, George Soros, the Clintons and many other known criminals arrested immediately for proven treason and sedition. He must bring the deep state to heel now.
  14. The lines will be drawn at city limits of blue cities. The battlegrounds will be the suburbs with strategic incursions into red rural areas by communist/globalist forces. In turn, red forces will penetrate blue cities and blue suburbs to repel Antifa/BLM invading forces.However, there will be intense fighting in enclaves where the blue 'island' is surrounded by red forces and vice versa. These will be the most dangerous areas. Forget the War Between the States 1861-1865.Unfortunately, things won't be that civil and ordered. Study the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939 for tactics and war time behavio

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