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  1. How does the average person, militia leader, or business owner defend from being doxxed? Once that happens, with reason to believe that harm will come to you because of it, you essentially need a civilian version of a witness protection program. Not everyone has the money Tucker has or the legal clout and connections. The liability will come weather you have the tools and the program in place or not, the lawfare and mass censorship is already here, the wanton accusation despite using your fundamental rights in order to drag people through the court system and break them is already here and it is being used actively with what looks like a new case somewhere in the country every week with the latest being the McCloskeys and the pregnant lady who drew a firearm. If it takes either building your own offensive legal subscription program or keeping a small army of lawyers on retainer because of the liability, than you have to do that. That is the stage we are at right now and the entire lack of counter-prosecution is a very real problem.
  2. The Commies dox, the Commies SWAT, the Commies have lists and "foundations" to redistribute their massive amount of funding (see my post in Intel as it pertains to a recently found one in Minnesota)... At a certain point, you can not die because you refuse on principal to have or do these things. I think we need to have lists at this point and, yes, we are seeing this in real time, so it is very easy to show moral and legal justification. The latest being what has been done to and what is currently being done to Tucker from Fox News by "reporters" from The New York Times. I think most people here can see, read, and watch and relate to this to get some form of understanding. This will get worse before it gets better.
  3. I was speaking generally, not specifically to this site, but yeah noted and I'm starting a new topic with that in mind. Maybe something good will come out of it...
  4. I would rather have the site owners and operators do this and put it right on the front page, with that said, if I am going to be taking the time to do the consultation than the moment I feel like I'm talking to a brick wall and nothing I say is being considered, than I'm just going to go elsewhere to implement the solution. There are other groups that are willing right now. Personally, from a nerd's perspective, I like how the site is set up, so this will only further develop and grow it...
  5. I mean it's the year 2020, we can do it online in a simulated manner as a proof of concept first and foremost and then iron everything out until we would be ready to do the real deal. This can be done command center style where every individual liaison or representative gets a standard piece of equipment, a radio bank; via software such as Discord, Telegram, Wire; creating 50 secure Jitsi teleconference servers... etc... The point being that everyone needs to be on the same page about how to even do that...
  6. I would be interested to read and hear about it from people we all mutually know and trust in some controlled setting where everyone has a say and a seat at the table. The only way that happens is if these people are identified and invited. That is the first step and there is no way around it. You have to put the time in. Every single issue or idea gets disseminated or fleshed out in that conference, with everyone present. People here and in other channels are talking about how to shoot when we should be talking about how to talk...
  7. You've said nothing about anything he actually said and you have no points against any of them, then you call him names like a child. I could very well call you a nut case or whatever based on what you have posted on this site. There is a time and place for teaching people how to slay other people en masse but now is not that time, nor is it the solution to the problems that currently exist. You can post the same types of knowledge for the next 30+ years and it will still produce no fruit. You can give any asshole on the street a gun but what is missing right now, to an extreme, is men with the moral fortitude, knowledge, and character to lead. If you believe that a hyper violent Civil War and dissolution of the United States is more preferable than a legal reformation in order to prevent said war, than go ahead and start the shooting now. If not, than the generals in the information war need to start organizing and talking to each other and they need to do it openly instead of in secret. If this does not happen, the Commies will do it for you, and they already are... I'll go ahead and post this as a follow-up for everyone's consideration:
  8. Pay attention, read what you need to read because you have to. At this point, you do not have the choice. Stop letting the 24/7 news cycles control the narrative for what you believe and the ideas you espouse or what you emotionally react to. I have followed the Bundy case and related cases since they started, in great detail, and there are multiple groups and organizations that already exist that are wanting to form up with each other, talk to each other, and figure out the problems and the solutions. I have heard the same ideas and issues from multiple types of people that simply do not talk to each other so that void is filled by the screens and the talking heads, paid absurd amounts of money to propagate an agenda. This is why I respect Bundy:
  9. Just letting you know... https://www.bitchute.com/video/yRBYtp4qwc0/
  10. Good. Stick around, all of you, stay active, you are all assets...

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