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  1. I found the site you meant: https://americanrevolution2.org That said, it seems you need to pay membership fees before you can do anything, and there is little information about what it's all about. What's the difference between this and just organizing a militia on here?
  2. Absolutely, this is clear. We need to get organized into units and recruit more people. Many are looking for a way to meet others willing to defend our communities if things get worse.
  3. I just joined this site yesterday. Glad to see others thinking the same way. We need to get organized now. Enough is enough and we need to be ready to defend our communities if things get worse. Mustan9, yours seems to be the only militia in the Tampa Bay area. I joined it. We need to recruit more people. Michael
  4. Hi Nicole, I just saw this message now. I'm in Clearwater, so not exactly there but in the Tampa Bay area anyway. We need to get our local people into one group where it's easy to share info and coordinate. I just joined this site yesterday, but it seems we have a lot of organizing to do. Artax99
  5. Florida-based Patriots: It's time to get defense-oriented people organized NOW and prepare so we are not caught off-guard. We need to be trained and effective, hoping we never need to do anything but ready if we do. We clearly need to recruit in the Tampa Bay extended area. Message back if you are active on here. Artax99
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