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  1. I was working on a Military camp here in Afghanistan doing security a few years ago. We had the Jordanians assisting with perimeter security (Standing the towers). We noticed that they were boarding up the sides of the tower so they could not see out. I asked their equivalent to the Sergeant of the Guard how they expected to help with Base Defense if they could not see out of the tower to shoot the bad guys. His reply was, "Oh, no sir......we can not shoot another Muslim." Not all think like that, but it is hard to figure out who does and who does not.
  2. Even then the goal is to build up manpower numbers, but you doing want to keep with the Guerrilla warfare.
  3. I would say by studying previous Guerrilla wars and tactics would be a good start. A book titled Total Resistance would be a good reference manual. Any Army Manual regarding guerrilla warfare would be good reference material. I would also say train small unit tactics like the Ranger Handbook. I know most people envision standing on the field, giving a rebel yell while fighting off the occupiers, but truth be told most Militias are going to start out small and not have the numbers of a standing army. The start of any resistance is going to be small hit and run actions. It would not be until the realization sets in to most people of how bad crap is before they start fighting back. Then you might have a little more manpower numbers.
  4. Despite what people think, it will not be like the Revolutionary war were the Militia formed a standing army to be the main fighting force. Our main mission would be more of a Guerrilla war. You will be fighting from the shadows.
  5. AIM01 I hope you are right. I was passing on things I have heard from current Law Enforcement and Military (which includes my daughter). There is a different mind set there than when we were serving. I saw the changes in thought when I got out in 2012. Again I hope you are right and I am wrong......... Sorry, I just reread your first post, and I agree with you. I do not see the US declaring Martial Law as the big problem we face. I think there will be other things that we will have to worry about. In my post I was addressing a specific statement about how certain people might respond if a situation happened. I was not saying that was what would happen.
  6. I'm very pro Military and Law Enforcement. I come from both sides of the house, and currently work around Military here in Afghanistan. With that being said....and I hate to say this.......When push comes to shove there will be more Military and Police that do follow the order than you would think. When it comes to their pay check and being able to support their families they will do what has to be done to keep their kids from starving. Remember we are talking about a time when the life and ways as we know it are over. Some will stay with a sure means of support in a time when things have turned to crap. I'm not saying this to be an ass. I would love to say that all Military and Police would stand up for what is right, but times have changed. I am saying this because I have heard acquaintances in both job fields make comments that would shock you. It has sure surprised me. You might not agree with me because this is a touchy subject, but it is a thought that should be kept in the back of the mind.
  7. Well said. I agree with a rank structure because we can't have a group of individuals running around getting in each others way. Someone needs to take charge. The rank structure just needs go be applied based on available personnel. It can be revamped once more people start showing up. Great post.
  8. Thank you for the welcome. I appreciate it.
  9. I keep 1000 rds 5.56 and approximately 500 or more 9 mm. Will probably raise the quantity of my 5.56 soon.
  10. Good morning everyone. I just wanted to say thank you for letting me join the forum / site. I look forward to learning and sharing information with you.

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