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  1. The membership is for the "patriot network chapters". You can join the AR2 as a member and register for free. 😊
  2. My suggestion is go to www.americanrevolution2.0.org This is a way to get everyone in the area into the same group and share information. We also have the "Patriot Network", which is an awesome way to get local chapters of the national group together. Let me or Josh Ellis know if we can assist or answer any questions you may have. 😊
  3. My brother is the captain and apparently police and fire are being targeted by the "peaceful protesters" 🙄 (I use that term loosely). He can't be involved in any knowledge of my asking, his job would be on the line if anyone thought he was involved in my asking. But I need for a local group to keep their ears to the ground and provide protection if needed for the first responders at that station. If anyone is in that area, I would greatly appreciate any help you could give. Feel free to email me if you have any concerns or questions, [email protected] Thanks again!
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