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  1. Looking to start a patriot group in upstate South Carolina around the Greenville upstate area meet people who are seriousabout standing for freedom no socialists are allowed of any type no Nazis communist fascists Islamic fascist KKK members you must obey by the rule of law as dictated by the Constitution in the Bill of Rights also no keyboard warriors posting stuff online is fine but you better be ready for action better learn the fight for your freedom or learn to love to be a slave

    1. JPilken


      Any luck so far?

  2. I've been telling people to rise up for a long timeit's sad to see Americans who won't stand up for their rights and freedomsthey won't vote out the enemy and they won't use their second amendment to remove these enemies I say those that do nothing may as well learn to love to be a slave 

  3. Then I guess I can't depend on people who call themselves militia I guess America is doomed isn't it like I said when they come for me they're going to get a fight at least I won't go out like a cowardwell this is unbelievable can't believe Americans won't even stand up for their own rights
  4. The only thing we agree with his at some point we're going to have to pick up our guns and start fighting none of this is going to stop until we do we outnumber and outgun the enemy and we can win theseleftists are weaklings and cowards who won't even pull their crap outside of their democrat-controlled hell holes none of them know how to survive hunt Fisher live off the land we can win
  5. Nope don't count on Trump losing and November like I said the authoritarian actions of the left have driven more people who are side the left are actually the minority in these little Democrat hell holesall you have to do is look at the 2016 voter map and he didn't win because of some obscure thing in the Constitution he won because the people actually voted him in
  6. no Trump actually won more than 60 million people voted the recounts under Jill Stein were stopped because they were proven that Trump won the popular vote also guess when it all comes down to it people like me will be alone to fight the rest will be slaves
  7. Nope sorry but we do outnumber them if you count the people will come to our side as well asveterans and military I get sick and tired of hearing people put out this false notion because they are so afraid to stand up and fight against the enemywhen will it be time to stand up we don't stand up better learn to love to be a slave when it come for me they going to have to kill me but I'm going to put as many of these devils in hell as I can least I won't go out like a coward
  8. I keep asking everybody the question but nobody won't answer when will it be time to March and start arresting these enemies which we are allowed to do under the Constitution and the rule of law
  9. A side note here you do know that not only is this division about pandering to blacks minorities and criminals for votes for the left but it's also about keeping us divided socialism doesn't work without class warfareus fighting one another helps the wealthy socialist elites because they don't have to use up their valuable resourcesthe fight against us which would expose them as the enemies they fear us more than we fear them because we outnumber and outgun them
  10. I tried pointing out from the beginning that the death of George Floyd was actually due tohis intoxication of alcohol cocaine and methamphetamines coupled with the fact that he had a heart condition could I possibly led to his death but I don't believe that is very likely considering that we know that black lives matters antifa Nazis communist fascists and Islamic fascist groups have been infiltrated in controlled since the 1960s and 70sby the deep State especially by the CIA who began these infiltration back in the sixties and seventies as a means of using these groups to control the populationone way or another we know that the perpetuation of this violence and racial division is the same crap that they pull before the 2016 elections this is about pandering to blacks and minorities for votes because Democrats can't win it's about keeping them on the welfare slave plantation it's about pandering to criminals by promising them they going to get rid of police with the left who are authoritarians will never do that because the police protects them and their Democrat hell holes and their authoritymake no mistake these leftist socialist or authoritarianswho have one goal and that's the building one world socialist government in which we will all be slaves
  11. Nope I'm pretty sure that a physical invasion of the United States will not occur in order to build a one world socialist government they would have to have everyone's involvement willingly an open attack would incur rebellion against themeven if they did it's not possible since we outnumber and outgun them and they're not going to waste their valuable resources and be exposed us the enemy especially the globalist elites who are behind all of this they want a one world government system and they have to take it as one piecemost of this is nothing more than fear-mongering conspiracy theories to keep us under control fear means obedience to the system it also means that we can't think straight are make rational decisions if we are in fear people who live in fear always end up looking to The Establishment for answers I don't see an invasion happening
  12. Sounds to me like you're mongering propaganda an open invasion of the United States could never happen since they would be openly obliterated bye the countless millions and millions of Patriots veterans conservatives active duty military and police the truth is that the new world water system is not coming by force it's coming by deception the Antichrist system according to the scriptures which by the way won't take place until after the rapture of the church the deep state by the way are in trouble at this point because everyone's figured out who the real enemies are fortunately theirincreasing authoritarian behavior has driven more and more people towards the right to the party of freedom and equality I'm sure many people had similar thoughts about the impossibility of being invaded and conquered before their countries were invaded and conquered in other wars. A long history of that happening. The only things certain in life are death and taxes. 😉
  13. Think about it a white cop who votes Democrat supposedly kills a black man and a Democrat socialist hell hole in broad daylight in there happens to be cameras there can you say false flag

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