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  1. Your best source is Dr Edwin Vieira, you will want to find his youtube video on Constitutional Militia. Not to muddy the waters, but there isn't a constitutional militia per se as the Founders intended, but fuck it, we have the 4th and 2nd Amendments, so this is where we are at. 10 USC sect 246 is where unorganized militia is codified....but the US Constitution doesn't know anything about that. Call it a militia. Call it a neighborhood watch. Call it a fellowship of barbershop quartets. It's all good.
  2. Just get organized locally. Your age is not relevant at this point, neither is if you served in the military. There is an assload of tasks that need to be done. If you can't take a punch, that's fine. There are those of us who can. And can punch back on your behalf. This isn't a spectator sport anymore. I'll say it for the last time: Each person get to 13 (a squad) in your county. That squad doesn't do shit until you get to platoon (41) strength. Then, you can start doing things while at the same time, striving to get to company strength. Because once you ge
  3. Folks, if you join OCM, please fully expect you will be vetted. As in true ID. If that bothers you, then don't waste our time.
  4. There is some wisdom to that. Now is not the time for passivity to wait on a group. Folks, if you can get to a squad size element in your county (13 persons), you can RAPIDLY get up to platoon strength (41) in short time by face-to-face recruitment. Then you aim for company strength. Once you hit battalion strength...you become a shot-caller in your county.
  5. This was so well done, I provide it here so that you can forward it to your family, friends and folks you want to recruit in. More importantly, we should be spending more time doing face to face recruiting as a regular part of our activities. Everyone knows it is coming. As quickly as Fox turned on us should tell us we have some lifestyle issues to change. The left will run out of non-lethal options to keep from going to prison. There is no way DJT can ignore it, for the security of the Republic. So we are on a collision path. I do think the president is in grave danger.
  6. I was doing the math on what Hammer and Scorecard can potentially bring the Dems in terms of Federal Law. Understand, they used a military Special Access Program (SAP) to wage war on the United States: If this were time of war, DJT could ask for the death penalty. 57 years ClubFed Under 18 USC ch 115: Treason, Sedition, and Subversive activities. Sect 2383, 2384, 2385. RICO (this is what Rudy Giuliani used to bust the mafia): is 20 years automatic and forfeiture of all monies and property gained during the time of the conspiracy. 18 USC 798 Disclosure of cla
  7. Onslow county. We have two simple tasks ahead of us. Join OCM and let's get to it.
  8. I am getting reports GOP offices are not answering phones because they are overwhelmed. My Proud Boy contact says he went to the NC GOP office and they gave him a phone to man, to deal with verifying ballot acceptance, and other issues. You may want to consider serving.
  9. A majority of Americans pissed off because they played by the rules all their lives. But today, they are legitimately concerned about their freedoms and future because of the continuing coup. Fortunately they are MARKED so you can find them. You know where they live because they have TRUMP signs in their lawn. But they will not remain there for long, so take advantage of it. 1. Fill your car with your friends and small chits (paper) with MYMILITIA.COM printed on it, and whatever other information you want to include (I highly recommend stating your need for officers/NCOs) 2.
  10. We have a golden opportunity to go down every road, stop at every TRUMP sign in the lawn, knock on the door, and put a piece of paper with "MYMILITIA.COM" in their hand, and tell them this is where we are organizing. This should be the task for everyone before everything goes dark.
  11. I saw that. My question is: "Please demonstrate exactly how to managed to get only Dem votes on a thumb drive, and please show me the precinct operations manual for this procedure." Then I am asking everyone in the precinct to contact my private investigator, highlighting those who didn't vote, voted absentee, or mail-in. The fraud is in there. But I think the SS America just hit the iceberg.
  12. The best theory I've seen is when the vote counting stopped last night (for no reason), this allowed the commies to determine who didn't vote from the voter rolls.....and then supply a ballot for them. Calling VA with 1% reporting was the indicator the game was on. Never underestimate what powerful ppl will do in order to stay out of prison. Amazing how some precinct captains will meet their demise the coming year. Can't have too many loose ends.
  13. Technically, NBC is correct. But that is lazy journalism that refuses to get to the heart of the issue. Congress broke the militia when it INVENTED the unorganized (or reserve) militia. The US Constitution doesn't know anything about an unorganized militia. But, it is in 10 USC. If a governor doesn't use them, that is their problem. The 4th and 2nd Amendments allow such demonstrations. NBC also forgets We the People are the final arbitrators of our destiny. When government goes south, we provide the course correction by the end of a barrel.
  14. Tarheels, I am sure you have heard the news by now. The left wants to stop us from organizing, that is clear. I posted this one on CL. I didn't cite "MYMILITIA.COM" because that would be a violation of the TOS. But the instructions in the YouTube video by Josh of AF2 is clear. As an experiment, may I ask all NC members to post the same or similar in your zip code and see if we can drum up some business? We have got to crack the code on how to move people into action. Thx! Conservative groups getting deplatformed (Jacksonville)

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