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  1. You are opening up a can of worms. LOL History. 1600s-1776 Colonial period, militia was in its proper place and regulated by colonies; the colonies commissioned officers, or officers were elected, or officer commissions were purchased; not consistent. 1776-1903 Post colonial period and statehoods. Militia was in its proper constitutional position as state agencies. States decided officer qualifications and were the commissioning authority. 1903: Dick Act The militia was destroyed constitutionally by Congress dividing it into the Guard and unorganized (or reserve militia), getting rid of the compulsory requirement and allowing the Guard to be sent overseas (not constitutional) to fight in WWI. 1903-1916 The militia writ large is not on constitutional grounds base on what the Founders gave us, by discerning original intent. Furthermore, there is no path to return the militia to original constitutional form because both citizenry and legislative bodies are ignorant as to what happened in 1903. We failed as citizens to self govern, so we got governed. 1916- National Defense Act brings the militia in what was exclusively state controlled agency, into federal control. 10 USC sect 246 comes into play and it is unconstitutional. 1916-present the militia disappears from constitutional grounds largely dependent on the federal government to fund and administer. Guard units essentially become a reserve US Army organization. So where does that leave us? You build from the ground up at the county level. Capture the sheriff. Educate and capture county officers and send representatives to the state house. If you have enough counties.....you create "soft power" and advocate for a bill to return the state militia to its constitutional form, by statute, and compulsory service from age 16-whatever. A state can do what it wants: and you would only need ONE state to do it. That would cause the rest to unravel because of their unconstitutional foundation. Once SCOTUS rules......the National Guard ceases to be a kick-stand for the US Army, and the unorganized militia has to provide service to the militia. Compulsory. That is a constitutional militia. I hypothesize that right now, 9 Jul 2020, the only state that could pull this off is South Dakota. Super majority in the senate and a governor who is the only one recognizing she has no constitutional authority to restrict liberty in her state due to COVID-19. As such, she would recognize it. A massive information operation would be required. MASSIVE.
  2. I can't follow the point. I think. I thought you were comparing and contrasting a grunt-mentality militia dude and a techno savvy gender fluid teen, and the latter has more capability due to tech and his ability to acquire data and communicate than the grunt? Did I get that right? How in the heck did this thread go down the rabbit trail of PT and arthritis? We are all nuts, do you realize that? LOL So in your last vignette (intel faggots from DIA love that word for some reason; they need to put a vignette in every product they do), you are suggesting parenting can bring a techno savvy teen to be a new asset to the militia because of love of country being instilled in him? That would actually be an interesting poll. How many have kids that are insane techno freaks that could be put on a task? What age and what task would it be? By state I suppose....dang I just checked: my state (NC) is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. it goes by ages set by Service secretary. But the militia is a state agency under Title 32, not federal government Title 10 or 50. For your old timers, a vignette is replacing what was once understood to be a "tactical scenario" or "example". DIA went on a huge hiring binge post 9/11 and they went for college kids with no military experience rather than military vets. Because diversity is strength....and stuff.
  3. Hey you beautiful magnanimous North Carolinians (Oh crap, here comes a sales pitch), Not at all. So I screwed around and wrote plan on transforming militia into something relevant for today that will boost numbers and start cracking down the disciplines accustomed to getting ready for a fight. If you didn't read ROFCB Commander's impassioned plea for us to get our heads on correctly because game time is coming, i invite you to read and comment as appropriate. it is going out to a wider audience than MyMilitia.com. It is tangential to the screwed up plan i drafted. Now, if you'd like a copy of the plan i wrote just ask. You can modify the crap out of it, as ROFCB did. He took it, ran with it, and is now seeing the fruit already. His people are falling line and the inertia within the organization is finally going forward. Gee.....a plan....who'd a thunk it? Contact ROFCB directly, and I'm sure he'd share his version. He has no military experience and he is killing it. He scaled it down to his state/AC/county......so it's a resource for you. I will be creating a militia shortly in 910 and we will be following this model. it abandons what has not worked for decades, and embraces where we must go to be relevant, develop combat power, and change the face of the militia back to what the Founders had originally intended. That's a higher goal, but the county comes first. November is the significant event that will determine how much time we have. I'd recommend you set a date to have your sneaker net relationships developed soon because there may come a time when posting here will not contribute to our shared survivability. This weekend I will be doing this, and Ill let you know how it goes. If you'd like to join me and compare notes, this Friday evening after the sun goes down. It'd be cool if all militia in NC do it. They will find where they need to be. Love the Son and take care of one another. Miguel
  4. Actors as it turns out. https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/atlantas-armed-black-panther-marchers-were-actors-dressed-in-costumes/
  5. I shall take your word that you read it, so you either have a problem with reading comprehension, or you are so blinded by your dislike of me personally, or both. Four points for you: 1. Civility in Discussion. I responded to your questions in a civil manner, even though it is easy to detect by your questions you have no interest in defending ideas in a civil manner: "So what are you really calling for? A first strike? Assassinations of known Antifa leaders? Gunning down a bunch of kids getting off a bus near a protest site they announced on twitter?" Those are your words. Everyone reading this thread can go back and see your butt-hurt made manifest. If I am not a yes man, that doesn't mean we should be enemies. I see conflict, force development, doctrine, and force projection different than most because of experience. I am sure you have experiences I don't share. 2. Desk Jockey. Guilty as charged. I was a desk jockey as my last posting in the Pentagon. Funny how there are no farms that grow desk jockeys. Desk jockeys in the Pentagon came from the operational forces. They are selected after growing by gained experience and were sifted as they met various professional challenges. No one gets to the Pentagon by accident. As then LtGen David Goldfein, USAF stated, "You are here because your Service selected you to represent them at a higher command. No one gets here by slipping on a banana peel. You are America's Joint Staff." I started as a rifleman. I finished my career as an intelligence planner/specialist for America's Joint Staff, demonstrating a career of progression. I am no fool to suggest, as you seem to be, that an effective force is comprised only of riflemen. Every military historian, theorist, and planner condemns you, sir. That group would include John Hancock and Samuel Adams on the morning of 19 April 1775. Do I really have to say it? The status quo is NOT working. The current model is a model for defeat and death. No soldiers in human history have followed the current model of America's unorganized militia-- which was effectively killed in 1903. We do not have a militia. We have private armies, and not particularly good ones. There are some exceptions, yes. There are folks doing some good stuff. But they are the exception, and even they are not complete, nor ready for the coming fight. The change that has to occur has to be massive. Quite frankly, we do not have the people with the GT to get us there. I say that not to suggest I am the answer. I am totally inadequate for the task, and I admit it. But in my travels, I am cognizant there are men and women who have the skills to pull this off. They are field grade officers with planning experience. I sat across from them everyday for 4 years. They solve problems and move organizations. Sometimes from scratch. USCYBERCOM didn't create itself. The War Plan (OPLAN 5000) wasn't created nor is it maintained by riflemen. There are folks that actually go to school for this. FM 6-0 isn't foreign to them. I will answer the obvious question for you: If the militia isn't attracting these persons, then it is doing something wrong, because at the heart of every officer, is a love for this country. More than any profession, they are type A professionals that only accept winning. It is beat into them since the academy, and every step thereafter. The company grades are sifted to see if they will only accept winning. 3. Psychological/Information Operations. Of course you didn't read or comprehend Recruiting, Information Ops and Psyops are heavy in the first phases of my plan. I am sad to say it fails you to grasp that 1/2 of the country has already fallen victim to psyops. It just works. The militia has an image problem, and it will continually fall victim if it doesn't recognize military geography and start building capability. My plan uses these two to propel recruiting. To ignore what is happening in the country and not take full advantage is folly. BLM/ANTIFA only needed a white shit cop and a black victim to propel them. Now add the resurrection of the Black Panthers. Who is next? Pro-Palestinian muslims. Who will join after? La Raza, as an umbrella for all sorts of nastiness. 4. My plan is derivative from Dr. Edwin Vieira-- I merely translated it into an overlay of actions that would be expected in a no-kidding draft Operations Plan. No one has done that. It is in not perfect, but the main points is what Dr Vieira is talking about. I added some concepts to address symptoms in our society he ignores. So he's garbage too? Love him or hate him, no one has ever refuted Dr. Vieira with any serious critique. From any quarter. But I am an adult learner, I can change my mind with new information. So let's hear your plan. The only difference (and I wrestled with this), is Vieira doesn't recognize the unorganized militia as legitimate constitutional militias because they (1) are not formed and regulated by state statute, and (2) are not compulsory. He is correct- but that is unhelpful in that it doesn't get us anywhere. He has tried Committees of Safety by themselves, and it didn't work. So I drafted a vision to get us there from TODAY, and invited others to participate, recognizing I am still a failed man in need of a Redeemer, Jesus Christ. I will make mistakes. I am having conversations in and outside of this forum to make it better. But you offer nothing but statements taken out of context, dripping with sarcasm. I could take my retirement and hang out at the beach (6 miles from my house) everyday. I choose to use my experience to put forth bigger ideas in service to the country, knowing full well that shooting likely comes in phase 3, and we are not even close to building the required capability in phase 0. DJT loses in November, phase 3 comes a lot quicker. In stereo. "The first paper is the point of deviation." - Major Jerry Carter, USMC So let's see your paper to transform the unorganized militia into a force that can repel the current and gathering threats, and fulfill its constitutional mission to secure a free state by its inherent design. I am an adult learner. I am open to facts and reason.
  6. Bravo sir, let's discuss how to disseminate across all militias, bloggers, and the like. Everyone needs to hear this sentiment. Game time is quickly approaching.
  7. They were within the constitutional grounds....until they weren't. It went south when they (1) communicated a threat, (2) brandished a firearm and impeded another person's right to liberty, and (3) made seditious statements about the US. So someone is getting arrested under conspiracy of sedition. Add the RICO and it is at least 20 in Club Fed. Another topic, I have a special guest coming in and he, a black conservative, will post content on "How to Recruit Blacks for Your Militia." Sharp dude.
  8. Where were they supposed to be? I assume they were at home in front of a BBQ grill. The militia doesn't answer to NFAC. NFAC, as long as they remain legal have every right to be there. I am not even aware the GA militia even knew beforehand, and even if they did.....so what? Cooler heads prevailed. NFAC showed their ass, and would not have even showed up had the Black Panthers not received a "stimulus" check from a benefactor. But not to worry, the money will be followed and the seditious statements will be dealt with. RICO is 20 years, hope it was worth it.
  9. This is an experiment for you to try. I am going to do this too. Materials Needed: White water proof sign material (vinyl/plastic/whatever) Stencil set, no less than 2" Black spray paint. 3 ft 1X2inch wooden stakes, or whatever you have Heavy duty staples/stapler (yeah, your range stapler for targets works well) Task: Make 4 popsicle signs with the following: MY MILITIA .COM How to deploy: 1. Next Friday evening: Place at 4 separate intersections within a 3-5 mile radius. Why Friday? Most counties will not pick up and discard popsicle signs until Monday morning-- so it stays all weekend for large saturation. Since it is the weekend, no one is rushing to work and they have more time to check out the website. Put the spaces between MY and .COM so that the word MILITIA catches their eyes. Everyone is thinking the same thing, so take advantage. Be careful and know your county ordinances-- my state has a $100 fine but it doesn't appear to be enforced from what i can tell. Don't get caught. 2. On your Milita site, (it should be in the same area code--- or you can use the state page), start a thread: SAY HELLO IF YOU JOINED AFTER SEEING A "MYMILITIA" SIGN ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD. Introduce yourself; when and where did you see the sign? That will give you an idea of effectiveness. This may even give you a nucleus of a militia that is that close together. Have them make signs with your stencil set...and push out. Rinse and repeat. 3. Start a blog on your militia site and keep track of effectiveness. If you keep track of expenses, you will be able to figure out how much money/hours of exposure was used to gain people. Yay math! You are the best judge as to whether to vary where you are deploying the signs.
  10. I am not saying win over the MSM. That is a fool's errand. The target is the audience. I have already stated this before: WMAL in the WashDC is conservative talk radio and it is the #1 radio station in DC, NOVA, WV, and MD. All liberal strongholds. And not just talk radio: they are the #1 station PERIOD. Has not happened in decades, yet here we are. Anyone care to put forth a theory as to why it can be #1 in this demographic? OK, I'll go: Conservative ideas are more compelling and people have an innate sense they were lied to, and they are tired of listening to what amounts to intellectual drek. If i was to do a psyop campaign, this is how I'd do it: I'd ask for one person from each state, create a cell, ask you read the FM on Psyops and Information Ops and then get busy to writing a plan. I know you have not read it because otherwise, you'd already be doing this: Enlist your kids. That's right. Your college kids (and some high schoolers) and their friends to become the next generation of militiamen. Nerds, the 4chan posters and MEME-makers that can hit every single platform following the guidance of an overarching psyop plan. All you have to do is captain the cell and bring in more youth and coordinate their efforts. From tactical (county) to operational (state) to strategic (national). Joint Doctrine recognizes 3 levels of war. If you are not fighting on all three, you are losing. Because your enemy already is. Hey! Here is an idea! You can start your own psyop cell here in an invite-only environment, plan your targets and measure the impact by a Blog summarizing what was done. Cut/paste send it to like state psyop units to tell them the targets. So how about putting the rifle in the closet and choosing a different METL? Land navigation.....really? When was the last time a militiaman had to land nav to a site out of mission necessity? Plug the GPS in, and press the power button until it turns ON. Has anyone attempted to put an Indeed.com volunteer job posting for a psyop specialist? Just a thought. Or you can be self-taught. Trust me, their stuff is in English. Challenge your old, out of date ideas. And then Get some.
  11. I don't subscribe to defeat. A professional soldier plans to win. If I must win a psyop campaign, then I plan for it in a detailed fashion using existing doctrine, knowing that I am going to win. MSM isn't trusted. Strike one. MSM doesn't control all media. Strike two. MSM doesn't have facts one their side. Strike three. I guarantee you a trained psyop professional can write a plan and win in this background. I personally witnessed ONE (1) US Army Sergeant First Class psyop specialist run a strategic psyop campaign in an entire country, aimed at hard-core communist. This SFC took a plan put together by military planning professionals, tweaked it and executed it with the host nation. In doing so, he closed out a war by taking an enemy's center of gravity, finding its inherent philosophical weakness, then shoved it right up their arses. It is a shame his story will never get out because it was a thing of beauty. But let's be honest, we don't have the numbers. That is our first challenge. People = capabilities.
  12. Your voice needs to be louder. Not harsher, but louder (or out there more). You seem to have an understanding of the realities that a lot of the half-cocked on here (and across the country) lack. We need more Sun Tzus and fewer John Waynes right now. It seems to me you could be more of the former.

    1. ROFCB Commander

      ROFCB Commander

      I don't know if this has been tried before, or what success it may have been met with, but I (we) don't have time to go over old posts and old attempts; this stuff needs to take place NOW. So I'm putting a task force together with the single-minded purpose of providing some RATIONAL, NATIONAL leadership in place that militia groups can coalesce around for REAL PREPARATION TOWARD A WAR-TIME FOOTING.


      We're never going to be the United States Military, nor should we be; but we have to at least be able to counter well-organized, well-funded groups like the Black Panthers AT THE LEAST. The other groups you mentioned joining the fray just complicates the situation that much more. If we want to be anything more than jack-offs in tactical vests, now is the time to build a framework to make that happen. I'm very new here, and new at this, but it's pretty clear what needs to be done.


      You're the first I've asked. I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts and interest.

  13. I've already posted an 8 page plan. No one has refuted any part of it. Be my guest. Take a shot at it. We differ on whether or not it was an announced protest. I say it wasn't. The military geography is VERY unfavorable to BLM/ANTIFA. They were not going to show up. If they wanted to deface something in that setting, they will do it at night. It's not that hard. Amazing what chain binders can do. Ask any flatbed operator. But I think our goals should be higher than the minimum of showing up with a rifle. We seem to never progress beyond that. We choose METLs that are basic bootcamp tasks. Let's face it: showing up at beautiful Gettysburg during the anniversary of the battle on a long weekend isn't a hard sale. But, if you'd like to crow about what a grand success it was....have at it. I always have a blast when I go there. Leave mama and go do man stuff and drink? Not even a particularly hard choice. But your adversary measures you. He will reach a point where he knows he doesn't have the capabilities to achieve his goals. That is when overtures to other organizations happen. Capability building. People = capabilities. That is the testimony of history; not just my opinion. Sensing weakness, I see the Black Panthers are reorganizing, and I have to be straight with you: their message is very appealing to low-information blacks. Their numbers will sky-rocket very quickly. Next, MS-13, former Zetas, and La Familia will be brought in for muscle: because someone has to neutralize the US judges, district attorneys and prison wardens. ANTIFA is too snow flake for that. MS-13 and the Sinaloa Cartel by themselves have the experience and capabilities. They have already done it on a limited scale in Texas. Tango Blast by itself can lock down Houston and open a huge path to finance the fight by drugs with 19k committed soldiers (old numbers) and growing like wild fire: all under La Raza's umbrella. Black and Brown, even if they don't particularly like each other, will find a way to work together (or separately) to achieve each other's goals. All hell is about to break loose because evil always detects weakness, and it will coalesce. That is just how it works. Now, tell me how to triple the size of a local militia is one month's time, to include a robust intelligence collection and information/psyops plan? As a mid term goal: how are you going to get blacks into your organization, a forgotten demographic that is absolutely needed? Long term, how are you going to penetrate the adversary? How are you going to become the Kingmaker when it comes to a sheriff's chance of election in each county of your state? How are you going to take over the school board and flip it to a classic American curriculum? Those are the harder questions that actually requires work. Work that quite frankly, has not been appealing to most militiamen....because it isn't fun. But we'd rather claim victory after showing up to a non-event in Gettysburg. Photos of such gay events mean nothing. We are well past the USC definition of sedition and no one has been arrested. That is Weakness.
  14. I am a big advocate of psyops. But I dislike the militia being a one-note Johnny, reacting to the adversary rather than seizing initiative. That only comes with a systematic plan to bolster numbers to a level where they start calling the shots at the county level. More important issues like ensuing the sheriff is a constitutional sheriff.....and giving the sheriff a deep bench of men and women that can be sworn in as special deputies at no cost to the county. The militia is stuck on a Mission Essential Task List that never reaches the operational or strategic level to effect change. It is the same stuff, over and over.....never advancing to another level. Enjoying a nice turnout is from your perspective and it is an emotional perspective. It feels like a win. But from an adversaries' perspective, they just proved they can pimp you by just Tweeting. So by proving a concept, they will graduate to more complex ruses. Your adversary is fluid and is not going to be stagnant with the same capabilities. They never do.
  15. So, what did we learn from all of this, if anything? Chasing a single source social media account, that was recently deployed with no available reporting history, was probably not a good idea. The adversary learned more about us than we did about him: in that we are predisposed to chase phantoms like a cat chases a laser dot, and the adversary didn't spend a nickel. How about throwing some MCDP 2 Intelligence into the mix, and start learning intelligence theory? We can get to application in MCWP 2-0. Or how about a Tactical Decision Exercise that goes back and looks at the genesis of the problem, and we discuss what SHOULD have been done? We spend way too much time being tacticool and too little time in the military sciences. It has become part of American vanity IMHO.
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