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  1. Still around? We are gathering in the discord! https://discord.gg/uUabRS
  2. Hey friend! Yeah at least two of us! Email me at [email protected] and join our discord (remember its not leak proof so be wary of personal info on discord! Protonmail is encrypted and safe so i recommend signing up! https://discord.gg/uUabRS
  3. Everyone who is looking to all connect in one spot, go here: https://discord.gg/HGvXuG We need to have instant communication and an ability to all talk to each other.
  4. Im trying to get the MD discord active again. What is your name on discord?
  5. This is a great site to meet but its not great for instant messaging. We need something like discord. Any other members have a group? Otherwise, I am using my free time to organize. I am a wife and mother... I can't leave my baby but i can help you all ans my husband communicate faster.
  6. Theodosia


  7. Are you still around? Looking to connect.
  8. E. Maryland here. Cautious about giving more info. To be honest, what happened to Duncan spooked me. But its getting worse out there. My email is [email protected], just trying to find a way to get my husband and I involved. He didn't know where to start looking so I am looking for him.

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