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  1. It seems like there is probably a lot more public support for 2nd Amendment rights in the wake of both the virus and the riots. People have been shown how quickly the protection they take for granted from the system can be stripped away. In addition, many people who have never owned firearms before have shown up at gun shops and bought one. I think it is likely that actually owning one and learning about guns may take some of the mystery and fear about them down several notches. I wonder if in coming days we could use some of this positive energy to do something like ad
  2. The president's speech from Friday night is very good. Please watch it yourselves and share it with those who will listen. President Trump is saying a lot of things that need to be said. You will of course hear many lies from all over our culture about what has been said. You should listen for yourself. Don't take the word of known lairs and enemies of our country. This is the source I found: Stay ready. Stay prepared. Have a great 4th of July.
  3. Conspiracies do happen. They have happened all across history. While it is irrational to believe every conspiracy you hear, it is equally irrational to deny every conspiracy theory without at least checking it out.
  4. I live in Maryland. I didn't include that because the distance to a new place is not an issue for me. I was considering Montana or Idaho, but also the south like Appalachia. I may end up doing a road trip to try to find a spot. If I do it would help to have some places to check out or some local perspective.
  5. I am new to this site. I do not have military training but I do have outdoor experience. I do have some experience with tools and guns. I need more training on all fronts but time is running low and I live in a hostile environment. I think my best option will be to move. I am looking for recommendations of communities to look at for relocating before the boogaloo goes real hot. I am interested in sober first hand experience about where to look to find a place to live and make my stand. Are there places where integrity and virtue are still a part of the culture? Without

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