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  1. Are there any Militias organized in Marietta Oh or Parkersburg WV? How do you contact people? I'm getting tired of reading " through Facebook". Seems like a bad platform to connect!
  2. Hello, I saw in the Marietta times that a militia was present at the Black Lives Matters protest. I want to know what branch of Militia this was and how I may contact them. Email would be best as facebook is not an option. Would like to see statues and towns preserved. Thanks!
  3. Hello and welcome to MyMilitia!

    How is this site panning out for you? If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

    I couldn't help but notice your within flirting distance of the WV line. If you don't have an active unit in Ohio at the moment, it might pay to keep an eye out in the WV Three04.

    Have a great day and thanks for your interests and passions concerning restoration of our community militias.

    Matt Thompson
    WV Three04 Oversight.

    1. user777


      Where can I get info on the militia that has been in Marietta oh recently?

    2. user777


      This form is difficult for me to learn to navigate. I am trying to find specific information so I can get involved but I see no specifics. I'd rather not get a Facebook link. Does anyone have emails for contact info for the militia in Marietta or one in Parkersburg?

    3. Matt In West Virginia

      Matt In West Virginia







      Check these links above to seek out specific info on specific locations. MyMilitia.com is networking community, county, state and national-level militias throughout our site. The info we have available is proportionate with the level in which the specific militia participates here on-site.

      You should be able to find your information through these portals. Message me if you encounter further problems.

      Thank you for your time and passions...

      P.S. Operating from a laptop instead of a phone greatly aids the ease of navigating this site. It can be done from a phone once familiar, but it can be difficult in the beginning.

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