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  1. I’m totally good with either option. Agreed, it is unfortunate that militias are painted so negatively, since belonging to a militia is arguably the most American thing one can take part in. It’s a sign of the times that we are currently in. I’m looking forward to meeting you guys!
  2. Sounds great to me. I looked up “Light Foot Militia” and I am reading the Standards and Principles of the Idaho Lightfoot manual and I am really liking it already. Seems like a great way to go! Enjoy your Independence Day! Spencer “Spence” Curtis
  3. If we are still looking for a designer I have a local guy who will design it. Should I go ahead and have him create a rough draft or have you found someone?
  4. I wasn’t aware that the boogaloos were knowingly puppets as well. Just out of curiosity, do you have sources to prove this? I completely agree with you on Christ’s soon return. Time to know Him and protect the flock.
  5. I really appreciate this. I’ve linked up with my area code militia and we are going to meet up in the near future. I will keep those other resources in mind as I work on recruiting those who are serious about this matter. And I REALLY appreciate the last bit of advice. I’m new to this and I wouldn’t have known that. Good call.
  6. Patriots are waking up to a storm on the horizon. 2020 has been a year of red flags and the second amendment has never been more practiced.... at least... the ownership of arms part. Recruitment and organization is needed for the militias of the United States to be of any effect when all hell breaks loose! So how do we do it? How to we locate, recruit and organize patriots in this modern, isolationist culture we find ourselves in? I’d be eternally grateful for your thoughts on this.
  7. I think some of the uncertainty about calling Antifa and BLM “Marxist”, lies in the fact that they are prime examples of new cultural Marxism. In a way it is an old turd in a shiny new wrapper. New tactics (social media, doxxing, shadow banning) and new victim classes. It used to be the poor vs. the rich, the haves and the have nots. Now it’s intersectionality victimhood. The hierarchy of victimhood (race, gender, sexual identity, religion, blah blah) is what they run on. This is a new phenomenon and honestly it’s a muddled mess to try to figure out because it also stems from postmodernism which, to me, truly seems like the death of intelligent philosophical thought.
  8. I’m totally on board. Thank you for sharing the video, great overview for the organized militia concept. I’ll be on the lookout for further information!
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  10. I would be very willing and eager to meet up with fellow patriots. How can I help?

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