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  1. The sioux actually violated the 1868 treaty before Custers expedition. They killed some settlers, and killed 10 surveyors. In addition they attack other indian tribes. All of these events were treaty violations. They are not getting the Black Hills back. Much of the Black Hills are forest service run, but if the Sioux want some land there, they can earn money and buy some of the non forest service land like everybody else. There were only a few protesters there.
  2. The sioux slaughtered the Mandans, Arikara, and Hadste tribes. We treated the sioux much much better than they treatedd the Mandans, Arikara, and Hadste. The Sioux got more land than they deserved. Let them whine! They should be happy with what they got. They arrested 15 peeps, then the rest all got behing the white line.
  3. We need to do something soon to maintain momentum. New members want to actually do something, Thats why they joined. They do not want to just sit around waiting, while militia leadership studies antifa philosophy. At the same time having so many new members means that militia members and leaders dont know all the talents and skills at their disposal. Thus IMO militia leaders should plan and schedule relatively safe rallies and protests at conservative locations, where antifa and blm dont have great numbers (and the DA will be more kind). This will allow militia members to get to know each other, and provide militias with some good press. Militia leaders should also schedule the rallies and protests so that antifa and blm have short times to organize counter demonstrations. The signs at these rally/protests could be like COPS SAVE LIVES, DEFUNDING POLICE is BIDEN STUPID, Black People matter but BLM are sold out MARXISTS, and ANTIFA needs to change their diapers, etc. These types of events should provide good media exposure and keep our members out of jail. They would also give medias something else to cover than blm and antifa, thus reducing their coverage. In the future less safe rallies and protest would be easier to plan for because militia leaders would have better knowledge of what they have.
  4. I think we need to do something soon to maintain recruiting momentum, while at the same time we got many new members and people who dont know each other well. Thus, we should do something safe like schedule peaceful rallies and/or protests at conservative locations, where antifa and blm dont have great numbers (and the DA will be more kind). Parade around with signs like COPS SAVE LIVES, DEFUNDING POLICE is BIDEN STUPID, Black People matter but BLM are sold out MARXISTS, and ANTIFA wear diapers, etc. We should also schedule so as to allow antifa and blm very short times to organize resistance. These types of events should be successful and keep our members out of jail. They should also send the message that we are the good guys and a force to be reckoned with . They would also allow militia members to get to know each other.
  5. People in some blue states gotta be a little upset with how their governors and mayors are handling the riots and police. Maybe the leftist will be crying again in Nov.
  6. I live in a very conservative state, but those who live in leftist states can expect less favorable treatment from police and DA offices Antifa and blm may get a slap on the wrist, while patriotic protesters may get the book thrown at them. In leftist cities militias need to be smarter in what they do. This has probably discouraged militias from showing up in large cities.
  7. Someone needs to contact multiple militias and get them working together. Perhaps we could have a pro Trump rally in the twin cities Minne.
  8. They seem to have a lot of funding from left wing non profit organizations, which allows them to bus people in from across the country. If we were to schedule a protest at a location and get it ok'd by the local government, how long till antifa is notified of that protest? We gotta do something. We cannot just sit back and study our enemy forever. There is always a fog of war.
  9. Can you tell us in what part of the country it is? With all our new members us militia need to get together and have a pro police and pro Trump rally.
  10. Foxnews had some videos on antifa. I try to get them and it says they cannot be reached now. The proudboys are not white supremacist. They have black members I know. They are patriots. You can google antifa yourself. The bolshevik's did use military force and terror to take power. Note what trotsky did not what he said or wrote.
  11. I was in the society of creative assholes SCA (hehe). In that group we put on armor and hit each other with clubs to reenact midieval combat. I am pretty good with a club and can weld a baseball bat one hand well. Theres a group in Portland named the Proudboys you might want to contact them. They have experience with antifa. Motorcycle gangs also have many veterans and are patiotic. There will be a large motorcycle rally in Sturgis SD early August. Someone could contact them and see if they want to do any joint activities.
  12. When evaluating antifa or blm, I see that some of them carry guns including rifles, but I question their shooting accuracy. I suspect their shooting proficiency varies greatly. If I were to go against them I would want other guys who are steadfast with me. I would not want some unknown guys who just joined the militia. With the right guys and strategy, if would be easy to slaughter them.
  13. Antifa and BLM are marxist organizations. BLM has received over $100 million in donations ($33 million from Soro's foundation alone). Their behavior is similiar to other past communist agitators in Spain and Russia.

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