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  1. Is anyone listening on this website?
  2. I concurr......teach your people to be self sufficient.
  3. I cannot say.....but I do trust this information. Is force protection housed in the Pentagon? Force Protection is not housed in the Pentagon. In fact they don't even have any Pentagon accounts anymore. C. Calmes 1st lieutenant CHARLESTON COUNTY SC
  4. Any further information or stand down order come from me. Calmes First Lieutenant Charleston county.
  5. SCMC Militia.....Update alert! The Pentagon is shut down!! We do not know why. Please be on standby!!
  6. Inside information all hands on deck.....the Pentagon was shut down two days ago... anyone else with better information?  I need my unit to be on standby! 

  7. We have some unfortunate developments.....I need to hear from all South Carolina!  Who else is out there?

  8. That's cool....but I am still having issues trying to connect to new people who are interested in communicating with someone local. Please just send them to me directly. Christina Calmes at 843 530 7046.
  9. Take the block out...make your own....personally I like a semt....less waste of ammo.
  10. I'm having trouble communicating with interested parties....
  11. Yes....I think that could be good.
  12. I don't know Wiliam Normad....but I AM HERE! FIRST LIEUTENANT FOR CHARLESTON COUNTY...I also cover Berkeley and Dorchester county. So I need a roll call if you are active...and in the counties! Message me at 843 530 7046
  13. Please inform me....this link will not load. Calmes...first lieutenant for Charleston county

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