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  1. It seems groups down here are more interested in prepping for self reliance than anything else. Which is good we all need to be prepared for anything and everything but without extensive proper training South Floridians will perish.
  2. Hey Wayne, yeah its not what it used to be down here anymore. I dont know how old you are or what part of broward you grew up in but you stand correct it sucks down here im trying to get my ass outta here before shtf and im running out of time. Well brother pray for me and my family and I'll be sure to do the same God Bless and God Bless America
  3. Im pretty close to naples only an hr drive to 951 and 75
  4. Brian Higgins

    Brian Higgins

  5. Very quiet perhaps this is why we are losing. Im looking for an active militia group to join and train with to learn and grow with bettering myself as an American for Americans. I reside in South Florida. Get at me if you would like to meet 

  6. In South Florida. Broward area looking for training and bettering myself as a Patriot.
  7. Ready for meet and greet , discuss policy and current issues as well as training 

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