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  1. Just think when this 2a was written citizens owned war ships, cannons, all kinds of arms, could fish, hunt without any fees or permits. We could raise livestock, and plant fields without any fees or permits. We could work as an employee or operate a business without fees or permits. We could travel any place at any time without fees or permits. We could buy and sale goods and services without any fees or permits. When you look at America now, our forefathers would say, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED ? REPLY
  2. The time for talk has long since past, and our dues have been paid. The time for the American Patriots to stand tall and make our voices heard has arrived. The simple idea of WE THE PEOPLE has power beyond imagination, and can clear the fog that has plagued us for decades. What is it that we the people want ? It is a question with an answer as simple as a cup of tea, and powerful enough to move a nation. What is it that you want fixed, I will be glad to start the list. 1. removal of all immunity for all people in America 2.
  3. So what are we going to do about it ? Talking has led us to current America. I for one do not want my kids to have to go threw this same life of slavery to the system that will only grow. Why not get the militia leaders together, or in a forum, make a list of demands, and put a march into action.
  4. Why not set a date where we all meet, and set our demands. Walk all the way to Washington DC, and present our demands that we the people have agreed upon. Imagine how many millions of us would flood the streets. It is time for the people to stand. We the people have the power, not government.
  5. Does the 3% not have leaders ? What are members doing then ? We should start a march or something before these lunatics burn America to the ground, a show of the peoples power.
  6. It takes awhile to take in the current America we find ourselves in. Buildings burning, misguided degenerates stealing, and thugs beating. The thought that many asylum escapees in our government meet with its approval, and even push it forward is the reason many of us are here now. We see the constant erosion of our rights, the disregard for the Constitution, and the oppression of the people. When will enough be enough, and how far do these destroyers think they can get before we act ?
  7. I am David Kaser, 57 disabled, a retired welder of 30+ years. Went to basic in the early 80s for the local national guard until week 9 , but developed kidney problems and was released. Went into the air force lasted a year then had a recurrence. I stand with  my oath to the Constitution, my family, and my country. I am in the Tulsa area and will help in any way I can to make America as our founders intended.

  8. If the recent events are any indication, it will not get any better from here on in.
  9. I am here when needed, and from the looks of things that might be sooner rather than later.


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