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  1. Glad to hear you’re happy with the Taurus. Almost all reviews I researched were positive and I just bought it for my wife. I cc a sig P 320x and always have my Beretta 92F handy. Also been training her on using our armalite AR. Have quite a few more, but these are our primaries.
  2. You are so right. Only a moron or leftist can’t see that. She just said yesterday that she would do a mandatory buyback because “guns are killing babies”. This would be one of the first things she would do. We need to make sure the only way she sees the inside of the White House is in a tour.
  3. This should have led to 300 arrests. Interfering with police in the performance of their duties is a crime.
  4. This is the first time I have ever put out a political flag and signs supporting a political candidate. Four more years and let’s see some treason indictments.
  5. Sorry but those states are part of the USA. Maybe the celebrities could start a leave the country fund for those that won’t accept another 4 years of Trump and pay for 1 way tickets to whatever socialist hell hole they want to live in.
  6. I will. Don’t vote for the socialists trying to ruin our great country.
  7. Part 2 wasn’t very snipery . Why didn’t the black masks take cover behind the trees and get off the road? That didn’t seem like a very good tactical response.
  8. New York State Attorney General sues the NRA on 18 different counts to disband the NRA. Now, right before the election? This is not intentional. Sure and if you believe that I have a bridge to sell you in New York. Biden has already said he will take away what he calls assault weapons. Everyone in the NRA or supportive of the Second Amendment now knows how they should vote. This is similar to the first shot fired on Fort Sumter.
  9. 1:12 soldier using a radio that has the battery going dead. Usually what the 2 chirps after transmitting means. Start of an operation should have fully charged batteries.
  10. Depends on where you live. Demonrat run municipalities don’t believe in justice unless it supports their agenda. The store owner defending their shop from armed robbers is arrested if he scares or hurts the criminals while the criminals caught leaving from the shop and caught red handed by the police are set free. This is really happening and is their version of justice.
  11. Yes they should. Why is it illegal to shine a laser at a plane or helicopter, but it’s ok to blind a federal officer? Give the warning. Shoot a couple. It will stop.
  12. Until they realize there are ramifications both legal and personal security involved in their actions, the rioting will continue. They have been brainwashed for years and are ignorant to US history. Even the blm zombies are so uninformed about how much progress has been made for the last 60 years on racial equality, they believe they have a socially conscious cause, but they are pawns being used for a more evil agenda. When facts mean nothing to them, we must find other ways to get through to them. Prison time and heavy fines can be a real eye opener.
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