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  1. Hi, Alamo6 are you located near Albuquerque, NM?? This militia is very loosely based and I am not sure how many, if any members are located here. Thanks, John Barnes
  2. I feel a schedule of escorts for protection of our monuments might be wise. Here in the Albuquerque area, members to protect our memorials. Does this sound reasonable??
  3. I'm John Barnes and go by JBtilt. Years ago I sold tilt-up hardware to construction companies. Part of my email address now. I have some experience with firearms and carry concealed. I don't believe we are socializing but I think some serious problems are coming and the marxist democrats won't be happy until they've undone our way of life. We can't let that happen. Anyone looking to organize protection for our monuments, I will be available.
  4. Welcome Aboard**

  5. John Barnes

    John Barnes

  6. Are there any members in New Mexico?

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