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  1. Comms under federal Presedential Emergencies are much more complicated than I was aware. In order to stay in FCC compliance Ill start by checking out RACES and letting you all know what we can do to stay within the federal state and FCC laws and regulations. Thanks Talk soon!!

  2. HELLO EVERYONE. Under FCC rules for emergencies I would have to operate under RACES. RACES is activated by emergency managers in local, county, tribal, and state jurisdictions, uses Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) protocols, and are the only ham radio operators authorized to transmit during declared emergencies when the president of the United States specifically invokes powers granted under 47 U.S.C. §606. These are the rules and laws so I will have to follow them as long as someone is still operating. David L. I am looking into helping through RACES now.
  3. The entire purpose of MARS is to work with and forward encrypted Military data. IF you know nothing of MARS and DOD communication no reason to comment. I have extra frequencies I can use and the DOD technicians modified my radio, and you get a special DOD license to use them. No need to encrypt on HAM AM can use protocols almost no one knows how to use. Last comment on this. If anyone out there is interested in being ""helpful "" let me know. how many people do you know who can use RTTY. Just as good as encryption for normal people who don't know anything about ham. and my last comment on communication. The MARS License ALWAYS SUPERCEEDS the FCC. Its bad enough that we cant get enough people to make a difference so instead of attacking people who are trying to help. Get out there and spread the message. I wont respond to any other BS. The day after the election if the Dems steal it what are you going to do???
  4. Under emerfency conditions I can transmit at any power level. I Own an FTX101D w/ I will until the election. He should have declared martial law for a week a couple of years ago like the military was advising. Round them all up send then to GITMO. He spent 246 million upgrading Gitmo and adding senior services and a better hospital. Obviously we are not taking prisoners of war there. I heard him say they are doing everything possible to avoid plan Z. If I wake up with a Humvee at the intersection of my street Ill think GREAT and go back to sleep.
  5. Under Actually I am very concerned. I'm so concerned that I have arranged to go to the Philippines, if they steal the election, my fiance is there Zamboanga Del Norte DiPolog City. I turn 65 Nov 3rd and can get my SS check there and my Vets prescriptions can also get filled there. I can live like a king on $3000.00 a month..:-) On the beach..:-) I would have gave my life for this country but from what I see and hear most people are clueless and have no idea whats happening. We are still in the middle of a Coup de etat by the Dems, We have seditious Traitors not being charged from Clintons to Brenan to McCabe and the rest. They should be in Gitmo. No Trials. Let them die there. Our Justice system has been gutted two systems one for them, one for us. I have 4 grand kids who will never know the America I grew up in. If I thought there were enough of us to put up a fight under the Declaration of Independence I would be standing out front. There should be demonstrations all over the country by the Right, but nothing. It only took 12% of the population to pull off the American Revolution. We dont have close to that. I hope im wrong and people wake up before the election, If they do I will do whatever it takes. If not Im not going to commit suicide for a bunch of lazy clueless people who will get what they deserve. Sorry for the negativity but I spent 3 years and 5 web sites writing articles over 3000 articles and commentaries and the feedback I got from average Americans made me shut it all down 6 months ago. They have brain washed our kids the public is brainwashed from the mass media I think I will be sitting on the beach watching this disaster on the other side of the planet..:-) Thanks for your reply. It was the only one.
  6. I am a MARS member. I own a (NEW) FTX101D and FT991a and portables. I have an Ameitron 800W 811H and am purchasing The Ameritron capable of 2500 Watts.)$5000.00. My radio has been modified by The US DOD for the MARS program Military Auxiliary Radio Network. Under emergency conditions I can operate under MARS rules which supersede the FCC at more than 2500 if I need to. My DiPole can handle 3000 Watts not necessary since I talk all over the world on 20/40 and 80 at 800Watts. I have a separate MARS and US AirForce ID along with my General and Technical FCC Ham license. Does that answer your question. Honestly Im not to impressed with the number of members I see listed on these Militia sites. If they steal that election 60 people wont be of any use. 3000 or 50000 might. I didn't realize how few people are involved here in New England. The mid west is completely different some with over 15000 members.
  7. Under emerfency conditions I can transmit at any power level. I Own an FTX101D w/
  8. Hello everyone. IM in RI on the East Coast. Name is David L. I am willing to provide communications in an emergency. )I am an advanced systems architect (computers and communication) I have the equipment, I am licensed. Everything I have is the best you can get. UHF/VHF/AM, Mostly SW/HF. Amp at 800W in the process of upgrading to 2500 W. There is nowhere on earth that I have not been able to communicate with current systems. If there are any other licensed operators with at least a General HAM License we should talk. Can set up totally encrypted communications if needed. I am willing to be available anytime. Would be best to be two of us per area for redundancy and be able to practice message forwarding similar to MARS. Need to be ready for anything. David [email protected]
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  10. Name is David Warwick. X Air Force. I am FCC licensed and have extensive high end communications equipment. HAM UHF/VHF/HF portable and base. General License. Just looking to help out. My gut is telling me we are going to need all the help we can get in a not very long time. The oaths I have taken never expire. David L.

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