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  1. So do something. Problem with doing anything right now IMO is that its counter productive to go out and protest. Right now, ANTIFA/BLM is doing more harm for Dems than good, thats why the media has basically quit talking about it. We are back to the "pandemic" now. Americans aren't good at holding "rage" for extended periods of time. If a militia group goes out and protests now, even unarmed and peacefully, the left paints us all as white supremacists and turns our own people against us. "thugs vs thugs". Sit back, chill, educate, and when the time is right, the American people, mi
  2. Take a dive down tik tok and youtube rabbit holes and you'll find that a LOT of people are hopping on BLEXIT and #walkaway. I think Trump and co are doing exactly what they are needing to do and thats to keep a steady firm hand by enforcing justice but not going overboard and then just sit back and let the Democrats/BLM/Antifa/whoever finally reveal who they really are. I think the democrats actually expected trump to come out all wah wah about everything, trying to combat everything, use over-force and Trump would end up surely tweet/talk his way right out of election day. Instead, he's doing

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