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  1. Guess I’ll buy that 22 brick, 500 head shots i got ammo just want some more. cash will be useless. Might as well have brass 👍
  2. Yes seems like everything is flying off the shelves. 22 brick 500 $70 . Nuts same as Obama years 2012
  3. I am seeing a Ammo shortage in Maine with no end in sight . Any other states having this problem? Any recommendations for online purchases that has decent inventory? Thanks for any help Freedom 🇺🇸
  4. I am all set. These terrorist groups need to be put in their places. Enough is enough. I signed an oath to protect and defend and I meant it. I am training my children in the art of self defense. We can not do this alone. IT IS TIME TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK

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    2. ffirestarter27


      Next time you are gonna come down let me know. 


    3. ffirestarter27


      Cant wait I have a few that may join this as well just gotta see how it goes

    4. 20thRegiment


      Hey guys checking in

      Our corrupt government needs to be stopped. Period

      abuse on our dime, tired of it . Both sides are corrupt 

      what ever it takes I’m ready 

      let’s get a game plan , set up some radio communication in case grid goes down in the future. 
      We need to come together,
      we all have cell phones which hold the center of town in our palms. we will need to take action soon.
      Open to all suggestions 

      Freedom 🇺🇸

  5. ANTIFA/BLM protest sat Sept. 5 in Portland,ME 32 rioters charged in last protest were dropped. Jails emptied to false COVID spread from a church/wedding. They are seeking a large turnout to incite violence. Democrat funded terrorism Piscataquis area Freedom🇺🇸
  6. It’s tough to get a return message never mind meeting up on here seems like everyone for themselves fight and never planning anything till our neighborhoods are over run keyboard wars
  7. I see everyone is anxious about on where we go from here. We have cities burning, looting, murder, lawlessness, police abuse, white abuse, church attacks, general lifestyle attacks, 1st A attacks, 2nd A attacks in most of our major cities across the USA. We have Rhino mayors/governors, corrupt democrat mayors/ governors. Trump has just a handful of republicans for help. Most are silent and part of the SWAMP. These people are sick, they rather see the fall of the USA to eliminate Trump. We are forced to wear masks, no graduation, no funerals, no church, not gather on the 4th , close sm
  8. The big cities are the war zones. These revolutionary groups will continue to burn, loot, murder in these democrat places that run lawlessness. The mayors that created this if they go out and march they have been getting tortured too. The police will back out eventually and maybe federal take over or guard. Then when the cities have no resources they will seek rural areas like locus leaching off the white privileged. That’s when we hear the shot round the world. Let them destroy themselves for now and stock up. As far away from a big city you can get will buy you the most time
  9. Yes it will be a bunch of Berlin Walls across the USA Red States will guard their beliefs and Constitutional rights Democrap states will look like Afghanistan Thats when supply issues will occur when we lose a wheel in the American machine . Freedom🇺🇸
  10. The people in charge are destroying the country at any cost its out of our control till it’s at our doors crooked voting is the cause we will never get rid of the brainwashed army Freedom🇺🇸
  11. I think a lot of people don’t want to be in the yelling /rioting environment. Most Working/gathering If their neighborhoods or outskirts of Demo-rat areas are in danger they will quickly come out to extinguish the fires I believe 🔥 The city people love this shit (organized chaos)I moved to the woods years ago. I agree communication is the most difficult even though we have these platforms. I think I have talked to 4 Mainers on here but if a gang like this came through my county causing harm they/I would not tolerate it for sure 1,621 Mainers joined in 1865 and I wish I could talk to
  12. It’s about 200-250 soldiers rounded up on a months notice Patriots would shut that shit down quick no doubt it’s the mayors/ governors/ judges that are scary Freedom🇺🇸 GO TRUMP 👍

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