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  1. So are we supposed to meet up? 

  2. DCG2020. Something you can do in the meantime is to practice and learn unarmed combat. Get a bo (short staff) and learn how to use it. Tonfa, billy clubs, etc., are skills that aren't taught any more and for those like you who want to learn until you get your 2A rights back, you can learn and teach those that want to learn. The Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard rely too much on their firearms and when it comes to hand-to-gland combat, will fall short. You would be a great asset. Another thing is to purchase an air rifle. They're not registered and they even have a .30 cal fully automatic one. As always, check with the local PD.
  3. until

    I think I responded, but don't remember. So I am double checking. It will be myself and my better half. We will not be there for lunch, and are looking to arrive ~1230.
  4. Dale Pittman

    Dale Pittman

  5. I got word to a guy--goes by, ZombiesAteMyPoo on here, I let him know to chat with you ...

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    2. Shurrie


      @ ZombiesAteMyPoo  -- this is Dale  ..... 

    3. Dale Pittman

      Dale Pittman

      ZombiesAteMyPoo... what a stage name. How did he think this one up?


    4. Shurrie


      you will have to ask him-- just click on his name- it should take you to his page and you can message him 

  6. Hi. I am a new member, and intend to come up to see where I can fit in. Myself and +1.
  7. LOL! I wish my wife that way. I just didn't know what to write, so I just thought I'd write out my background. If it came off that way, I apologize.
  8. Hi, my name is Dale Pittman and am located in Wichita, KS. I am a 22 year veteran of both active duty and the Reserves. I retired as a MAJ and my primary specialty is Infantry. I also have completed Armor, Military Police and Civil Affairs advanced courses. The CA course was completed at Ft. Bragg's Special Warfare Center in 2006. I went to Iraq and came home in 2007, where I retired. I didn't see combat as my Battalion Commander and I didn't see eye-to-eye on, well, most everything. But, I completed my tour. I am Airborne, Air Assault, Nuclear Biological and Chemical Defense Course, two company commands, and various battalion staff slots. I was the Operations Officer (S3) for most of my career and loved it. I never was selected as a Battalion Commander, but did represent him on various occasions to higher HQs and sponsoring foreign military officers on occasion to learn from our units how to make things run. I enjoy shooting and want to get into long range shooting (1000 yd) but need to get a few things squared away. Hope I can fill a slot in the KS Militia.
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