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  1. Future forced labor gulag. Theres a ton of things it could become, and doubt Bill Gates Ranch is on the list
  2. I didnt know @Hickok45 was a member. Ive watched a ton of you and @PatriotNurse. As a fellow Tennessean, Im star struck by the both of you.
  3. Right now Id imagine disarming the country is top of their list. This "protest" appears to be an opportunity to further that cause. Im expecting violence fellas in a few specific states. The sad truth is they cant further their agenda by police shooting civilians. Notice how the media swept Ashli Babbitt under the rug, and focused on violence against the police. Its a sad, terrible, situation all around. Its obvious the Capital Police were ordered into a weak stance. Their superiors got them hurt. They knew what was coming the whole time. Dont tell me the alphabet just now discovered facebook,
  4. Just the evidence out in the open points to it all being organized. Leftist politicians, Big Tech, leftist "news" media, local leftist governments, and Blantifa all seem to be openly washing each others hands.
  5. Fellas it isnt a question as to whether the marxists will show up. They are the ones who planned it. They are absolutely going to show up. They are well organized and well funded. They are getting their photo op whether we like it or not.
  6. I hope TN joins Texas in this. I voiced my opinion about it to Blackburn on Parler before it went down. Who knows if she ever got wind of how a lot of here feel. Our states have always been close in heart.
  7. As we all know, the FBI is warning the nation that a 50 state protest is supposedly going to happen on Inauguration Day. If Im not mistaken this was announced roughly around the time Big Tech started their censorship and purge, hindering communication for actual Trump supporters. Trump supporters have been told not to go because its a false flag. Which is true for the general public. I'm 100% convinced it is a false flag, because we cant even coordinate and fund a 50 state militia protest. We do know which group is funded and organized enough to pull off such an orchestrated event though.
  8. We gotta change their optics. Imo our miltias need to be between the police and these plants. Stop the narrative completely. Get plenty of video.
  9. They are 3 steps ahead of us guys, at least. The FBI warns public of 50 state revolt. Just like he said, WHO has already proven that they are that coordinated and funded? Propaganda about revolt hits the air waves. Fake revolt happens, and is violent(or at least where they want it to be). FBI(who set the narrative) release identity of violent protesters confirming they are "Trump supporters" thus furthering the dehumanization operation they are running.
  10. I had just emailed the address you posted. It was my fault Rev, I think I got it straightened out.
  11. I made a post about this a few days back- Free Software for Encryption, Anonymous Communication, and Sanitation - Communications - Equipment, Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures - My Militia
  12. I knew I had seen that quote before in relation to Marxism, but couldnt remember exactly where it came from.

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