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  1. Removed because, it dont belong in this thread. My appologies to everyone.
  2. Slim, ... I wonder if that is why, i could not wear group patches from any other groups. I could wear them, if I was a member, just not if guest.
  3. Rev posted something similar to this. Can you provide a link to the legislation? I trier the keywords I could think of, no luck.
  4. Travir, .. Theres this awesome book called Thé Holy Bible. Thank of it as à collection of other books. Within Thé Bible is à book caller Mathew. There is a chapter 7. Read that chapter. Versé 5 is à good one. I bring that up, before you cam save someone you have To have thé will. Then thé skill. Then thé ability. Finally thé doing. Ssing à nation from dévolution la no différent.. Thé point being, or what you are doing is not contributing to the solution, then it just adds To thé problem. You are absolutely spot on about thé problems of oué nation. There is only three ways to correct them. Nothing, allows descent further. Fan thé flames To accelerate the devolution. Thé last, put yourself in a position to either rally others around you or rally around other to replace thé corruption. For thé last 30 years, i have watched as people prepared for thé worst. That didnt help. I have watched militia units proclaim, live hot mic, kill them all let God sort them out. Lastly, i have seen à few signs people are realizing they need to recall politicians, support people who will reverse this trend, or step up themselves. It does not rend there. Toi have to find others that will join you. Prepare, oh yes, but prepare to engage in the fight in a different capacity. I know there is no way to be self sufficient totally. This fight will take decades to resolve. You can have 30 years of food , medicine(doesnt last that long btw), and a cool shelter. The second anyone realizes you have all that, Guess what! You will not have enough bullets or hours in the day to defend it or do anything else. Stand up, be recognized, most importantly realize Superman you are not. Take that tree out of your eye Travir. Get yourself in order, then your family, then your community, then your state, then and only then can you do anything on a national level.
  5. I havr a COS(course of study) that teaches logistics on a personal level. It can be adapted to be applied for a family, a group or even bigger congregations. DM me here and if there is enough interest i will ask for it to be a blog on this site.


    Not for the faint of heart


  6. Dave, welcome..., thanks for being here and more importantly upfront about your history. So far the advice you have been given is spot on. There is no such thing as a minor felony. Your voice is truly your greatest asset. I will add to the advice pool this,.. Google the criminal code of the state you live in. Memorize it front to back. Then turn around and memorize the military and civil defense code for your state. In those sections you will find some relief in knowing the rules according to the state. The logic being if you know the rules you stand a chance of winning. As far as the anarchist cookbook. Its cool to have. Just know this. As a felon, anything and everything as well as pets and people , give off an impression to everyone. Having that book is an asset in knowing what stuff looks like and what its capabilities are. Having said that, anything in your house from bleach to ammonia to hydrogen peroxide then becomes an ingredient for what's in that book. Just saying... One last thing... Keep your chin ☝, acknowledging your mistakes is the first lesson of learning. Read everything you can on communications , first aide, herbal remedies, gardening, beekeeping, and the list goes on. Theres plenty to do ... Being there for your daughter is the most important. Stay in touch and let us know how your doing.
  7. Ok, I'll ask,... Might regret this later cause I'm old and this reeks of mischief. How does Travir, prepare for the worst, and hope for the best? I agree, it will take a long time to reset this nation to a constitutional Republic. If replacing the corrupt community leaders will not assist in that, well, I'm interested in what you think will.
  8. Hmmmm,... Interesting. Lemme make sure I understand you clearly. According to Travir,... Replacing corrupt community leaders is not effective this late in the battle. Replacing corrupt politicians would not weaken MSM. Replacing corrupt community leaders would not weaken the Washington establishment. Replacing corrupt community leaders would not affect liberal school system. But yet,... It's not time to debate what to do, it's time to do. Interesting...
  9. =============================== Razor said.... Pardon my ignorance, but is having a loaded weapon outside your State of residence any different legally for a militia member than it is for a citizen who is not a militia member? (Crossing the State line with it loaded, as it's worded in the OP, is less of a concern as it's easy enough to unload it then reload elsewhere. The wording just surprises me and I've never thought about this. Assume a long gun, not concealed carry) ============================ I'm with him... How does crossing state lines for meet and greet, as well as ftxs constitute a no no? Rev , can you enlighten me sir with a link? Appreciate you bringing this to my attention. Knew about traveling with firearms in general but did not realize doing so for militia duties was an issue.
  10. Not at all. You threw it out there. I simply put my 5 cents in.
  11. Folks, one of the things that frustrates me is the procrastinators. People who have been lurking and participating in the discussion of the militia for decades. The Militia: Train, educate, participate Everyone Else: You're over reacting So now that some are finally realizing how late in the battle we are, they are getting angry. Anger has no place in battle. Training is the only way that an individual can overcome the hesitancy that occurs in battle. Before training comes the education, so you understand the process you are soon to be subjected to. Yet before the education comes the participation in a conversation that will determine if the education and training will take place. Support Law and order? Then get out there and ride with sheriff's deputies, police officers, and paramedics. Don't like the community leadership views of the militia or independent Americans? Then hoss step up and get elected. So far, in my area the only community that has come anywhere close to our beliefs is Kennesaw Georgia. That's still out for debate. If people won't step up for the soft battle, what makes you think they will for the hard battle? There are three reasons people participate in violence. Offense, defense, and desperation. There are monsters among all three. The ones to fear are offense and desperation. My purpose for being here is to have a conversation here and then in person with anyone who will have it. Then educate them, and me, about why our tactics failed in the past. Come up with new tactics, and implement them. There is a great deal to learn. There is a great deal to teach. Don't count on more than what you have now. Sea Dragon

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