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  1. There's a menber here from. Jasper. I'll reach out and see if they are interested in meeting up.
  2. Walker county,... wow haven't heard from you folks in a while. Figured you all set up neighborhood watches.
  3. So far I'm on track to attend meeting Saturday. Looking forward to shaking hands with yall.
  4. Gee.. where have I been. Must have been some party. I don't remember the first stop the tires. Don't sweat this. The only time I would get ruffled was if they were actively blocking trucks from entering truck stops or fueling ports.
  5. Thank you for posting that. While the folks above are correct t it does help to know something about them. I guess I need to learn how ro monitor a network I set up better. Again thanks for posting that. It does help.
  6. Tim, did Marvin contact you? I think you're close enough. Good folks.
  7. Marvin, I'm talking to people. I am letting them know how to get in touch with you if they are close enough. Beyond that I am leaving the rest up to you and them. Hope all is well with you.
  8. Ahem,... Good morning . 3 hours ago and 4 hours ago. That's about midnight. Folks while there are some individuals who burn the midnight oil, most do not. You waited until 4 days of the election and you expect anyone to reply instantly? Hahaha! Shit together you may have but wheres your t p ? I suspect since it is coffee and breakfast time the commander will respond right after he decides whether your attitude is worth it. A great deal of drama going on right now. So yeah, Hopefully I'll have a chance to chat with you myself but if I don't. Thanks for dr
  9. Wonder what would happen if I went out there?
  10. Primary reason I do not open my mouth much is experienced and intelligent people have already covered much of what i want to communicate. Respect, Recognition, Reload, ...
  11. Picks teeth with kbar,... Raises eyebrow, wow. Tempstar, thats a great deal of vehemence. So, you would yield the battlefield? Pours coffee and stir in carrolanns. 🍮
  12. Well times up. No messages and no throngs vying for a chance to talk with me. Lol..., I will attempt to give more notice in the future. Ciao for now. SeaDragon
  13. I loved the book and the song many decades ago. Along with several dr seus stories. Thanks for the memories. Its been a long time.
  14. Lol, scratches chin thoughtfully, hmmm... I am reminded often that other than my personality I am human. So I undoubtedly have been deceitful at some point. I'm sorry I can't come up with anything for you saiga. Please let me know if you discover something about me thats not truthful. It will make for an enlightning conversation.
  15. I'm at flying j 192 interstate 10 midway fl

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